Friends Danielle Sheets (in black T-shirt), of Newell, and Alicia Woodworth, of Irondale, Ohio, walk into, then emerge quickly from, the Ohio River at Broadway Wharf on Thursday to participate in the 24-hour cold water challenge. The nationwide Facebook phenomenon has friends nominate each other to either donate $100 to a preferred charity within 24 hours or take a plunge in a local body of cold water. The act must be videotaped and posted to Facebook, said Betty Patterson, of Calcutta. Proof of the donation also must be posted to Facebook. Patterson took the plunge two days in a row on behalf of her niece, Danielle Mellinger, who has Angelman Syndrome. Before going into the water, a participant must “call out” five friends to do the same thing. Patterson said the water’s temperature was measured Wednesday at 53 degrees. (Photos by Stephen Huba)