Board tables booster club’s request

SALINEVILLE-The Southern Local Board of Education tabled a motion to form a wrestling booster club, and requested that the club establish its by-laws and officers before they give their approval.

Superintendent John Wilson explained the district is transitioning this year from having one athletic booster that takes in all sports to having an individual booster for each sport.

To be an official club, each must have a charter, elected officers, a bank account and hold meetings several times per year, among other requirements, according to Wilson.

When presented with the motion to approve the wrestling booster club at Monday night’s board meeting, board members cautioned that each member should look over the club’s charter and by-laws before approving them.

“It’s not just you (wrestling boosters), we’re trying to decide what will happen with all the organizations within (the current athletic boosters), said board member Mike Abraham. “I think that, as a board, we need to recognize all the organizations just like we do for the boosters that are now active.”

Southern Local Parent Teacher Organization President and member of the newly formed wrestling boosters, Kate Sphalinger, told the board the club had elected officers but had not yet opened a bank account or drafted bylaws.

“Once this is approved then we’re going to start hammering out those other finer details,” said Sphalinger.

Board President John Sawyer suggested that Sphalinger speak with booster club officers from other area school districts to get a better sense of what it takes to establish such an organization. Sphalinger replied that she had contact information for several area booster club members and planned to get in touch with them.

“When it comes time to do this I’ll be on top of it,” said Sphalinger.

Sphalinger told board members it is her goal to found the club as a 501c(3), non profit organization. However, she noted that she is concerned that doing so can sometimes take a long time. She also said she intended to open a checking account for the club soon and asked whether she needed the recognition from the board to do so.

Board members told Sphalinger she did not need acknowledgment from the board to open a checking account and instructed her to proceed with the application process.

Board members decided to table the motion approving the wrestling booster club until they receive by-laws from the organization. All members except Andrew Frischkorn voted to approve the motion.

“You guys as a group need to sit down and adopt those bylaws before we recognize the club,” Abraham told Sphalinger. “I think you’re doing the right thing and going about it the right way, but I would hate to approve something that the rest of the board did not get an opportunity to see.”