Rental property management program to be discussed

EAST LIVERPOOL – A program designed to improve management of rental property will be discussed at length during a committee of the whole meeting next week, with time set aside for public comment.

Councilman Ryan Stovall, chairman of council’s economic development/licensing committee, announced recently that he has been meeting with landlords and that the Better Landlord Program will be outlined at the meeting set for 6 p.m. April 7, with the first half of the session opened up for public comment. Council’s regular meeting will follow the committee meeting.

“The city didn’t get everything it wanted,” Stovall said of the proposed program.

Conversely, some landlords have also voiced their concerns about aspects of the program, including increased licensing fees for those who do not participate and training requirements for those who do participate in the program.

Those who do participate will be required to complete a rental dwelling license application and other forms that include a laundry list of regulations pertaining to logging tenants’ information, record keeping, tenant screening including criminal background checks and references tenant selection, lease agreements and property maintenance.

Those landlords participating in the program will be required to undergo training, which will then result in lower fees.

The proposed program, with all requirements, can be viewed prior to the meeting in the planning department in City Hall, according to Stovall, who said he expects council will give three separate readings to the ordinance and not pass it as an emergency at the April 7 council meeting, which begins at 7 p.m.