Police hope to identify suspicious individuals

ST. CLAIR TOWNSHIP – With several instances of suspicious activity logged in the area of Echo Dell and Bell School roads of late, township police are hoping to identify two people seen looking into windows Monday.

Chief Don Hyatt said one burglary was reported by an Echo Dell Road resident last week, so when two people were seen knocking on doors in the same area Monday, a neighbor became suspicious.

“They were knocking on doors of about three different houses on Bell School Road and when no one came to the door, they were walking around the houses, looking into the windows,” Hyatt said, pointing out that this section of Bell School Road is not far from the Echo Dell Road home that was burglarized.

“Clearly, when two individuals knock on a door then peer into windows, it appears they’re up to no good,” Hyatt continued.

A neighbor snapped two photos of the two people, both of whom were dressed in black sweatshirts, one with a hood up around his or her face. Hyatt said it is possible that person could have been a female, but officers are assuming both people were males.

By the time police were notified, some time had lapsed, and officers searched the area with no contact with the two people.

Hyatt said that, while the police department “appreciates every bit of help from citizens,” he cautioned them against confronting anyone seen involved in suspicious activity.

“If you see something suspicious, immediately call the police department,” he urged.

Anyone who recognizes the people in the photo shown is asked to contact police at 330-386-3585.