Disch retires from BPU

EAST LIVERPOOL – For the second time in his more than 35 years with the city, utilities Director Bob Disch is planning to retire.

His resignation letter was submitted to the Board of Public Utilities for consideration at its meeting last week.

Disch retired June 26, 2009 as utilities director and then returned to the position in September of that year. His second retirement just happens to be effective on June 26 of this year, also.

In reading Disch’s letter, board member Fred Rayl told him, “We certainly appreciate your dedication and wisdom. Not only has the city benefited from your tenure, but the board of public utilities and its customers.”

The board did not take action on the resignation during the meeting.

New line foreman Harry Williamson was also welcomed by the board, with water Superintendent Tim Clark saying Williamson and all employees have been productive.

“I’m proud of what we have accomplished over the years,” Clark said, adding, “Harry will carry that forward.”

Williamson told the board he appreciates the opportunity of being placed in the foreman’s position and said he hopes to continue the department’s success, saying, “Our to-do list never gets any smaller. Our goal is when someone turns on the water, it’s there.”

A letter from Hot Dog Shoppe owner Ray Treveline was taken under advisement by the board, which he has asked to consider installing a blow off, or yard hydrant, between the curb stop and his water meter to eliminate problems with dirty water he has been experiencing.

Disch said Treveline has an extensive filtering system with expensive filters and “dirty water to any degree causes immediate plugging/fouling.” He said the problem has occurred this winter due to the many water breaks that have occurred.

In response, Treveline has often allowed his water to run for an hour or more to clear it, which then is reflected on his water bill.

Treveline has indicated his willingness to purchase the parts if the city will install the equipment.

Clark provided the board with two quotes for road repairs that were taken under advisement and said he would like each to repair a couple holes so an assessment can be made before any decision is made on hiring either company.

He also reported that other projects are under way and that the water department has been “really busy.”

Rayl told Clark, “We appreciate all you do for us. It’s endless work.”

Disch noted that other positions will most likely be filled from within with the appointment of Williamson, and it may be necessary to appoint another clerk/cashier from the eligibility list compiled from a civil service test last year.