Council discusses condition of streets

EAST LIVERPOOL – The condition of streets that have been excavated to reach water line breaks was discussed during Tuesday’s meeting of city council’s street committee.

Cadmus Street resident Robert Richmond addressed the committee, complaining the water department leaves the streets “dug up,” filling excavations with gravel, then failing to return to complete the repairs.

According to Richmond, water is seeping underneath the pavement and is going to ruin the streets, including the recently paved St. Clair Avenue.

Saying he applauds utilities Director Bob Disch for wanting to save money, Richmond said, nonetheless, “This has to stop.”

Committee member Ray Perorazio offered to speak with water Superintendent Tim Clark about the problem.

At the recent Board of Public Utilities meeting, Clark addressed this issue, asking the board to consider whether or not it might be feasible to hire an outside contractor to repair these types of excavations. He was advised by the board to obtain some estimates for the work.

Richmond also asked the committee what streets will be paved this summer using a 5-mill street levy passed by voters, saying it is time to be thinking about that.

Service-Safety Director Ryan Estell said that, while he had asked some time ago for council members to provide lists of what streets they would like to see paved in their areas, he has received lists from only three council members: Sherrie Curtis, Scott Barrett and Chuck Wade.

He emphasized, “Council is going to choose (which streets are paved).”

Perorazio said he thinks choosing streets at this time of year is “a little premature,” saying he plans on driving around his ward once the snow melts to determine what needs done, saying, “I want to give everyone a fair shake.”

Committee Chairman Scott Barrett presented a petition signed by 67 residents of Gardendale Street, asking that their street be re-paved since it is the only access they have to their homes.

The petition will cause that street to “pop up higher on the priority list,” Barrett said.

Estell said there has been a fear in the Gardendale neighborhood that, since he lives there, street paving will not take place because it might appear the city is showing favoritism to him. The petition was to indicate that all residents, not just one person, want paving work to be done, he said.

In legislative matters, the committee agreed to forward for council’s review an ordinance authorizing the city to approve a bridge inspection program with the Ohio Department of Transportation, which will assume 100 percent of the cost.

At the council meeting which followed, members voted unanimously to adopt the ordinance.