City School District to update its Website at lower cost

EAST LIVERPOOL – A contract approved by the city school board will provide an updated website for the East Liverpool School District at a lower cost than is currently being paid.

Ron Peach and Nate Aldrich offered a rundown at Monday’s meeting of what will be provided by the contract, stating that the district is currently paying about $8,000 annually, while the new contract will cost about $2,000.

Each school building will have its own page or pages, and one aspect the board seemed most impressed with was the ability to use the website as an alternative to the “all call” that goes out to notify parents of such things as school closures, since some parents prefer not to receive such early morning calls.

It was noted the setup cost will be recouped in about 18 months from the savings and that the company will provide five hours of training per year at no additional cost.

Also approved was an agreement with ACCESS for internet and email service and application services.

The board heard from band boosters chairman Patty Stumbo, who said uniforms were last purchased in 2001 and now are in bad condition, sometimes having to be pieced together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Stumbo said the capes can no longer be dry cleaned due to their condition.

The boosters have been raising funds, with $6,000 now available, but a total of about $26,000 is needed at $400 per uniform.

Treasurer Todd Puster said that is not an unusual amount for such a purchase.

The deadline for purchasing new uniforms in time for next year is May 1.

The board did approve commencement speakers Dr. Herschel Rubin and his son Lee Rubin for the May 25 graduation ceremonies. Dr. Rubin is the school district’s oldest living graduate.

In personnel matters, the board approved the resignation of intervention specialist Anne Marie Conkle, who has been with the district 22 years.

The board also hired Linda Henderson as a federal programs coordinator consultant on a substitute, as-needed basis; Darla Adkins on an as-needed basis to provide substitute speech pathologist services; Vito Weeda as a substitute guidance counselor on an as-needed basis; and Ken Ekis to provide substitute special education director services on an as-needed basis, all for the remainder of the 2013-14 school year.

In athletic positions, Lori Adkins was named varsity girls track coach; Brian May, reserve baseball coach; Samantha Cianni, assistant varsity softball coach; and Kimberly DiLoreto as volunteer sports coach for the high school.