Village council votes to establish police reserves

SALINEVILLE – Council took steps Monday to get more police officers patrolling the village streets by approving the establishment of a reserve officer program.

Salineville council’s approval came several months after village Police Chief Andrew Straley first came to village leaders in November requesting legislation be drafted for the development of a reserve program. At that time, council told Straley to use his connections to other departments and training academies to develop a roster of several viable candidates for the program.

On Monday, Straley presented council with three candidates: Chris Bruno, Steve Layer and Richard Gidden.

“One has quite a bit of experience and two are pretty much fresh out of the academy, but that’s what you get,” said Straley. “They’re willing to come down here to help and I’ve got others, too, who are interested, but I’ll bring that up after they pass their background (check).”

The police reserves will act as sworn officers and have full powers of arrest, according to Straley. However, the reserves will not receive any pay or benefits from the village and must work a minimum of eight hours per week.

Straley explained that reserve officers often volunteer their time because they are looking to gain experience or need to keep their police commission by working several hours per year.

Council approved the appointment of the three reserve officers by unanimous consent.