Superintendent’s resignation accepted after tie vote

EAST LIVERPOOL-An initial vote to accept the resignation of district Superintendent James Herring ended in a tie at Monday night’s meeting of the East Liverpool Board of Education. Later in the same meeting, this vote was reconsidered and subsequently overturned by the board after one board member changed his vote and another showed up late for the meeting.

The first motion by the board to accept Herring’s resignation ended in a 2-2 tie. Board members Scott Dieringer and Janice Martin voted yes to accept the resignation, while Larry Walton and Robert Estell voted no.

Board member Brian Allen arrived roughly 10 minutes into the meeting and missed voting on the motion entirely. After Allen’s late arrival, Estell called an executive session for matters regarding a district employee and matters regarding the purchase or sale of property.

After a hour and fifteen minute long executive session, board members and Herring returned to the regular session. Estell made a motion to reconsider the previous motion regarding Herring’s resignation and the motion was approved.

A second vote was then taken to accept Herring’s resignation. This time Dieringer and Martin once again voted to accept Herring’s resignation and were joined by Allen and Estell. The lone no vote came from Walton, who had also voted no the first time.

Estell was the only board member to change his vote, voting no the first time and yes the second. He declined to comment on why he had changed his vote.

When asked to comment on the reason for his resignation, Herring said only that he felt it was time to part ways with the district.

“To quote scripture, Ecclesiastes 3:1 says there’s a season, a time and a purpose for everything, and that’s what it is basically, there’s a purpose that’s come up and I feel it’s time to move on,” said Herring. “I appreciate my years here, my grand kids come here, I graduated from here-it’s been a great experience.”

Herrings resignation will be effective at the end of the work day on July 31 of this year.

The board also accepted the resignations of the following employees:

*LaCroft Elementary third grade teacher Mary Teresa Todd. Effective May 23, 2014. Todd has been employed by East Liverpool City Schools for 28 years

*Special Education Director for East Liverpool City Schools, Melanie Carfolo. Effective March 14, 2014. Carfolo has been with the district for two years.

*Intervention Specialist at East Liverpool City Schools, Linda Sue Hales. Effective July 4, 2014. Hales has been employed by the district for 30 years.