Retired employees receive payment for unused sick and vacation days

LISBON – A total of $144,262 in unused sick and vacation days were paid to 15 employees from various Columbiana County agencies who retired in 2013, according to figures from the county auditor’s office.

This is considerably less than the $316,559 paid out to 23 county employees who retired in 2012.

The amount ranged from $21,831 paid to a deputy clerk in the recorder’s office, to $2,360 received by municipal court employee.

The majority of the retirement expenses – $97,713 – went to people who work for county general fund offices, which include commissioners, sheriff, prosecutor, coroner, clerk of courts, recorder, auditor and treasurer. The remaining county offices are separate agencies that operate independent of the general fund and receive their funding from non-general fund sources.

The retirement policies for these agencies vary, with general fund employees hired since 1996 entitled to retire with up to 30 unused sick days and three years’ of unused vacation. Workers hired prior to 1996 are allowed to be paid for up to 120 unused sick and vacation days upon retirement.

Municipal judges Mark Frost and Melissa Byers Emmerling retired last year and were re-elected, but as elected officials they do not receive such benefits when they retire.

In other personnel news, the following is a list of new county employees hired since October:

– Board of Developmental Disabilities: Crystal Thompson, Kathy Rogers, Karen Papania and Amy Virden.

– Municipal Court: Ray Lefebvre and Hannah Kelm.

– Sheriff’s Office: Randy Schneider and Caleb Wycoff.

– Dog Warden: Brenda Austin.

– Prosecutor’s Office: Krista Peddicord and Kenneth Apple.

– Clerk of Courts: Joyce Covert.

– Recorder’s Office: Amanda Stewart.

– Job and Family Services: Melinda Ewing, Brandy Virden and Jennifer Hoffman.

– Veterans Services: Brandi Glover.

– Water and Sewer Department: Lindsey Householder.

– Department of Rehabilitation: Sara Norris.

– Development Department: Pamela Dray. She was among the 2013 retirees, but returned to work part-time.

– Courthouse Security: Lyndsey Ward.