In advance of winter storm, village salt supplies dwindle

WELLSVILLE – With another winter storm looming, village administrator Thom Edgell admitted that the timing could not be worse, but nevertheless told council there has been a delay in the village receiving its most recent order of road salt.

At the Wellsville Council meeting on Tuesday evening, he explained the situation. The Ohio Department of Transportation has assisted local municipalities in the bidding process for road salt for many years. For unknown reasons, however, there’s been a disruption in the distribution chain, leaving Wellsville in a precarious position. “There’s been a bit of a snag. We’re just about out of salt,” he said.

An order placed with Morton Salt several weeks ago has yet to be delivered. Edgell says his inquiries have resulted in what he called a “blame game” but still no salt delivery, with an estimated arrival of two weeks.

Edgell says he contacted ODOT, where no progress was made. A subsequent call was placed to state Rep. Nick Barborak, after which Edgell says he received assurances from ODOT that the village will receive its road salt in a reasonable fashion. Edgell thanked Barborak for his assistance with the matter.

Last week, Morton officials posted a message on the company’s Facebook page saying recent heavy snows in the region have created a surge in demand. “This can delay salt deliveries as we try to balance the needs of all our customers,” the message said. “We apologize for the delay and have taken a number of steps to deliver on customer orders as quickly as possible.”

On a related note, Edgell asked residents to not pile any snow plowed or removed from their property onto village streets, as it only creates more work for village road crews attempting to clear them.