Council allows village departments to work together

SALINEVILLE – Members of the village council voted Monday to allow Street Commissioner Ralph Ross and Sewer Department employee Travis Needham to provide assistance to one another at their respective jobs. The idea had been discussed during several previous council and street committee meetings with some village officials questioning the financial feasibility and legality of such an arrangement.

Council seemed to be in agreement that the arrangement would help both Ross and Needham accomplish more at their respective jobs. Councilman Brian Tedeschi, who is the chair of the street committee, said that both men will be paid out of the fund of the department which they are assisting.

“We’d like to do it where if the sewer (department) helps us (street department) we’ll pay his (Needham) wages and if our man (Ross) helps him, they’ll pay his wages,” said Tedeschi.

He asked village solicitor Andy Beech if paying them this way would be legally acceptable.

“I don’t think it’s improper or anything, it’s just a matter of making sure everybody is on the same page including supervisors, council and employees,” said Beech. “So there isn’t a tug of war between supervisors or departments.”

Beech advised that the Board of Public Affairs, which oversees the operation of the village sewer system, should also vote to approve the arrangement. Tedeschi said he has talked to the board’s members and they are in favor of the idea as well.

Council passed the motion unanimously.