Another drug bust at public nuisance home

EAST LIVERPOOL – A house once boarded up as a public nuisance was again raided Friday afternoon by area law enforcement agencies, with three men arrested.

A search warrant was executed at the house at 414 Ogden St. in response to additional investigation into drug activity at the location, according to county Drug Task Force (DTF) Director Brian McLaughlin.

In addition to the DTF, officers from the Special Response Team, sheriff’s office and city police department, including canine officer Ivo, were involved in Friday’s operation at the house, which is owned by Robert P. Chan, 57.

Chan and Deandre M. Dozier, 23, Campbell, were both found inside and charged with possession of drugs-cocaine, city police reported, saying additional charges will be filed in relation to heroin reportedly found inside.

McLaughlin reported that between one and two grams of cocaine, about two grams of heroin, digital scales, other drug-related paraphernalia and more than $1,000 in cash were found inside the home.

Also in connection with Friday’s search, Tani Henry Lily, 41, Sophia Street, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of marijuana.

According to police, he was seen by Detective Greg Smith and Patrolman Chris Green walking away from the Ogden Street property as the search warrant was being executed.

Stopped by the officers, Lily was reportedly found in possession of a backpack containing a digital scale and a couple bags of marijuana. A white powder substance was reportedly found in his pocket and will be sent for testing.

The property has been the subject of more than one police action over the years, with the latest just a week ago, when law enforcement officers executed another search warrant there.

As a result of that search, McLaughlin had reported the discovery of drug paraphernalia, pills and $2,400 in currency, with one woman taken into custody for an outstanding warrant. Chan and another man were found inside at that time but not charged.

During a simultaneous raid last Friday on an East Fifth Street residence, Dozier had been found but was not arrested.

Chan purchased the property from former owner Robert Conkle, who was forced to sell it after it had been boarded up a year as a result of the public nuisance declaration.

Since Chan has owned the property, it has again become a nuisance, city police Chief John Lane has said, saying the address is often given as that of people his officers arrest.

The house had also been searched last August, at which time Chan was charged with permitted drug abuse.

McLaughlin said yesterday he has been working with Chief Lane and the prosecutor in an effort to again have the property declared a public nuisance and boarded up.