Woman removed from City Hall

EAST LIVERPOOL – A woman was removed from City Hall this week by police at the direction of Service-Safety Director Ryan Estell when she returned after having been advised previously not to be back in the building.

“There were some issues with her in the past. She was told to stay out of the building and (Auditor Kim Woomer) was told not to have her in (her office),” Estell said.

The woman is a friend of Woomer’s and reportedly had been seen previously going through the drawers of an auditor employee’s desk when she wasn’t present.

She had been told after that and two other incidents not to return and had not been back for a month or two until this week, Estell said, adding, “I asked the chief to remove her as a measure of safety for the city and employees. If the auditor doesn’t want to keep (her) out, I will. Due to her past behavior, I don’t want her on city property.”

Estell said she was advised that, should she have an emergency, the woman would be permitted to go into the police department which is also located in City Hall.

The service-safety director is responsible for all city facilities.

No charges were filed against the woman.