Village council votes on holidays for employees

SALINEVILLE – The village council voted this week to establish eight holidays for all full-time employees. The process hit a slight snag when council discovered that the most recent ordinance regarding holidays was missing.

In preparation for Monday night’s meeting, council members had tracked down the newest ordinance regarding holidays. The only ordinance council members could find was from 1987 and included 10 holidays.

Mayor Mary Smith said she was aware of an ordinance passed since then but could not locate it. The council agreed to nullify all the holidays put forth by past ordinance with the newest ordinance.

“Council is not obligated to give holidays,” said Smith. “Its been given to employees because of the low wages and as courtesy.”

Council discussed removing Good Friday and birthdays from the list of holidays included in the previous ordinance. Council also clarified that holidays cannot be banked by employees due to liability issues. Council approved New Year’s day, Martin Luther King, Memorial day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Council approved the holidays unanimously, noting that the new ordinance will nullify any previous ordinances.