Trustees accept resignation of three part-time officers

LA CROFT – The Liverpool Township Police Department lost three part-time patrolmen Monday evening when a trio of resignations were formally accepted, effective that night.

Following a brief executive session at the behest of Chief Jayson Jackson, the resignations of Matthew Herron, Jeremy Hinton and Kenny Delposen were unanimously accepted by trustees. According to Jackson, the three part-time officers no longer have sufficient time to devote to the police force due to their other employment responsibilities.

In his year-end report for 2013, Chief Jackson complimented the work of patrolmen with the department. “My officers did a fine job this year. We increased immensely in a lot of places and decreased in some others,” he said.

Jackson provided a copy of the year-end report compiled in 2012 for comparison purposes with this past year. Though the number of reported burglaries increased by only two, from 10 to 12, breaking-and-entering incidents reported to police jumped four-fold, from 3 to 12. The number of drug cases handled by township officers also rose significantly, from 18 in 2012 to 28 last year. The number of traffic accidents, on the other hand, saw only a marginal rise to 50 in 2013 versus 46 in 2012. The number of OVI arrests actually declined, from 15 two years ago to 13 last year.

Not only did the number of arrests overall rise during Jackson’s first year in charge of the department, from 82 to 103, so too did the seriousness of the offenses, with felonies increasing from only 6 in 2012 to 21 last year.

In other business, cemetery caretaker Clifford Utt told trustees that the flagpole in veterans section of the Spring Grove Cemetery had come down last week. “It rusted off right at the ground level,” he said. “As cold as it was last weekend and with the wind, I think that snapped it.”

Trustees discussed the possibility of repairing the pole with another section of pipe versus the significant costs of purchasing and erecting a new one. The length of the felled pole was estimated by Utt at between 40 and 50 feet tall. It was agreed to attempt repairs first.

Fiscal officer Cristine Sell recommended a resolution to amend temporary appropriations of $27,985 to the police fund for patrol vehicles. Also put forward was an additional appropriation of $30,800 for the Ohio Public Works Commission capital outlay. Both were approved unanimously.

The volunteer firefighters dependency fund board was named for the new year. It includes Steve Betteridge, Keith Burke, Clifford Utt, Dave Ward and Ray Talbott, with Betteridge as chairman and Talbott as secretary.

The next trustees meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, Feb. 3.