Township salt supplies depleted

CALCUTTA – At their bi-weekly meeting on Tuesday, township trustees learned that the township road department’s road salt supplies are running low.

In his report to trustees, Road Foreman Scott Barrett said he is awaiting the delivery of roughly 275 tons of road salt to replenish the road department’s supplies, which have been virtually used up by the unusually severe weather this winter.

Barrett said he placed an order for more salt in mid- December and recently spoke to a representative from the company which sells the township its road salt. The representative told Barrett the company was trying to fill orders from the Ohio Department of Transportation before seeing to the needs of townships. “I talked to a couple of the other townships and they haven’t got theirs either,” said Barrett. “We’re down to zero salt.”

With snow forecast to fall this week, Barrett says his department plans to use a “mix” of several materials in place of road salt. However, the department only has limited quantities of this mix as well – about 1,000 tons according to Barrett.

“We’re good for about four good snows,” said Barrett. “Each truck will take about 10 tons.”

Barrett told trustees that once the road salt is delivered he hopes to keep enough stockpiled to avoid running out again.