Personnel policy dominates village council

WELLSVILLE – Personnel issues took up the bulk of business conducted at the Wellsville Council meeting on Tuesday evening.

Legislation included the establishment of a schedule of paid holidays for village employees. Under the new ordinance, which passed unanimously, there will be 10 paid holidays plus the employee’s birthday that will be observed each year. They are: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Christmas. This will replace the previous system of 11 vacation days chosen by the employee.

Councilman Randy Allmon, who chairs the Personnel Committee, requested authorization to lease a new time clock from Paychex for the village hall. The system uses no physical cards, instead using the employee’s thumbprint to log them into a remote computer server instead. The step is being taken to curb employees from clocking someone else’s time card in or out. “We have good employees here, but it’s nice to have that feature,” Allmon said.

In addition to the safeguards against fraudulent hours being logged, the system affords administrative conveniences, according to fiscal officer Cassie Bloor. “You can set up for an automatic half-hour deduction for lunch so [the employees] don’t have to run in here to punch back in,” she said.

Charges from Paychex for the system include a $140 monthly lease fee on the scanner unit, plus $2.85 per employee per month for schedule tracking, for a total of $282.50 each month, with maintenance included in the package.

In his report to council, village administrator Thom Edgell requested that council consider drafting legislation requiring that all village employees have functional phone service, either landline or cell, where they can be notified if and when they are needed. According to Edgell, an unnamed village worker could not be reached last week when just such an instance occurred. “If you’re a call-out employee, you need to be called out. If they don’t have a telephone, you can’t reach them,” he said.

Edgell also said negotiations would have to be conducted with X-Press Underground regarding their compensation for the recently-completed 12th Street force main sewer improvement project. “They were supposed to do something one way and they ended up doing it another. They got the same result, but it’s a matter of dollars and cents,” he said. Council had approved a payment of $90,935.84 to X-Press Underground for the project at their previous meeting Jan. 14.

Committee meetings have been scheduled for a variety of issues, including the Water, Sewer and Refuse Committee at 2 p.m. today to discuss the issue of sewage service to Russell Heights with county representatives. A Personnel Committee meeting scheduled for 1 p.m. Friday will host a representative from Paychex on their research into health insurance providers for the village. Brian Savage and Frank Harmon from Ohio Insurance Services Agency, Inc., who addressed council for more than 30 minutes during the public speaking portion of the council meeting, are expected to attend.

In other business, Allmon announced the donation of a dog waste receptacle from the Wellsville Area Chamber of Commerce, of which he is president. The unit has a baggie dispenser and a waste can for disposal when a bag is used. It will be placed on Riverside Avenue as a trial unit. “I’d like to do one right now to see how it goes,” Allmon said. It was accepted by unanimous vote.

The next Wellsville Council meeting is set for 6 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 4.