Council opposed bill that would alter income tax

EAST LIVERPOOL – City Council on Tuesday approved legislation aimed at convincing state legislators not to pass a bill which would alter the way income tax is collected.

The resolution requests state Sen. Joe Schiavoni to use his position as senate minority leader to stop HB5 from passing in the Senate as it already has passed in the House of Representatives.

If passed, the HB5 would eliminate local control by requiring municipalities to repeal their existing income tax ordinances and adopt all the provisions in the Ohio Revised Code, making all local tax ordinances obsolete.

According to the legislation passed Tuesday, HB5 would “hand complete administrative control over to the state, leaving no discretion to municipalities as to the administration, enforcement or reporting that is appropriate for its community and taxpayers.”

Councilman Sherrie Curtis said this is the first step by the state toward centralized collection of municipal income tax revenues, which could cause considerable cash flow problems for municipalities.

Last year, council approved a similar resolution opposing the measure in the House of Representatives, which has since approved HB5.

In other legislative matters, council approved an ordinance adjusting appropriations to allow for repairs to the water plant roof, to repay a loan early, thereby saving $100,000 in interest costs and to purchase a generator for the water plant.

During department head reports, Deputy Service-Safety Director Dan Galeoti said the city has been without road salt since about the first of the month but Morton Salt has promised 25 tons will be delivered by Wednesday, although he emphasized salt will not work in temperatures less than 18 degrees so a mix has been used that helps with traction but will not melt ice and snow.

Fire Chief Bill Jones thanked the police department for its assistance in an investigation into a fire at the Vista Motel last week, saying they provided “great assistance.”

It was reported that a letter has been sent to the Civil Service Commission, asking that a test be prepared for an entry level firefighter position.

Council voted 6-1 to name Brian Vaughn to the Board of Zoning Appeals, with Chuck Wade voting, instead, to retain board member Fred Kane, whose term has expired.