Cold contributes to trash collection delay

EAST LIVERPOOL – Residents will most likely experience some delays in having their trash collected this week due to the continuing bitter cold temperatures.

Service-Safety Director Ryan Estell said Tuesday that the refuse and recycling department is running behind this week because of garbage freezing inside the compactor boxes provided by Dailey’s Refuse, meaning it can’t be removed.

In addition, R&R employees can’t be allowed to work in the cold temperatures for hours on end, Estell said.

“We will probably be a day behind,” he said, adding that employees will be working overtime and possibly Saturday to get caught up, saying he expects all trash to be picked up by Saturday.

Meanwhile, some employees are also being loaned from other departments to the water department, which has been plagued with waterline breaks due to the cold temperatures.

Water department employees, for example, worked 17 hours on one break along Maine Boulevard. To give them some respite, Estell authorized employees from other areas to help out.