Clippers bring snow, wind

EAST LIVERPOOL – A series of clippers that swept the Tri-State area on Saturday was responsible for 3-5 inches of snow and high winds that created dangerous drifts on the roadways.

According to Meteorologist John Darnley with the National Weather Service in Pittsburgh, a low pressure area hanging over the great lakes sent a series of whirling clippers moving rapidly through the area Saturday.

Moisture from the great lakes was picked up by the clippers and dumped as they traveled east, explained Darnley. The first in this series of clippers hit the area early on Saturday and continued to whirl through until around 2 p.m. dropping about four inches of snow.

“There’s available moisture and you’ve got the cold air in place so all that comes together,” said Darnley.

The second clipper system came rolling in to the area at about 4 p.m. as Darnley had predicted earlier in the day Saturday. This clipper was noticeably shorter in duration than the first but equally violent, with high winds creating white out conditions off and on throughout the afternoon.

Today will see more systems coming down from the great lakes in what Darnley referred to as a “cyclonic flow.” These systems will likely lack the intensity of yesterday’s clippers and only produce about an inch of snow throughout the day today.

The worst of today’s snowy weather is predicted to happen between 2-5 p.m., according to Darnley. Temperatures will hover around 20 degrees for most of the day today until night fall when a slight warm up will lift temperatures to around 30 degrees.

Temperatures are forecast to nosedive again for the beginning of next week as lows are predicted to dip back down into the negative range.