BPA to assess sewer bills to customer’s taxes

SALINEVILLE-The property taxes of 17 former Salineville sewage customers will reflect money owed to the village from delinquent sewer bills after Board of Public Affairs members voted unanimously Monday to assess the money to the customer’s taxes.

Village Council must also approve the motion at its next meeting on Aug. 17 before action can be taken. The BPA has been working for over a year to collect delinquent sewer bills accumulated by customers while the village was engaged in a lawsuit with Buckeye Water District in 2012.

BPA President James Brammer noted that customers who will have their bills assessed to their taxes are those with long inactive accounts who still have an an outstanding balance on their bill but for whatever reason are no longer village sewage customers.

He noted some of the people on the list of accounts have moved away, some have lost their homes in fires and some are deceased.

Mayor Mary Smith, who was in the audience at the meeting, advised board members they need to have the motion passed by September to meet the deadline to have the bills sent to the county auditor’s office and assessed to customer’s taxes.

Smith also reminded BPA members they need to check up on certain properties to confirm whether or not the properties have been sold.

“You need to find out what’s in foreclosure, what’s been transferred through the family’s name or if somebody purchased it through the sheriff’s sale,” said Smith. “You might want to have somebody go through and check all these addresses and make sure it’s the most current.”

BPA members expressed some intrepidation about proceeding with the motion without having positively confirmed the current owners of each property. “This is really a gray area,” said Brammer. “Somebody’s name could be on here from two years ago and they sold the property.”

Ultimately the board decided to pass a motion contingent upon the confirmation of the 17 customer’s ownership of the each property. “We’ll make a motion for the 17 on the list to be turned for taxes if they’re all correct names and the addresses are correct,” said board member Kim Adams.