K-9 unit searches high school

EAST LIVERPOOL – The local high school was locked down for a brief time Tuesday morning as K-9 teams from several area departments converged on the school to search for drugs.

Superintendent James Herring said the K-9 teams happened to be training at the former East Junior High building in East End and Principal Randy Taylor had arranged for them to search the high school while in the area.

“We try to do this a couple times a year. It’s good training for the dogs and it lets kids know how serious we are about drugs in school,” Herring said, reiterating the district has a zero tolerance policy on drugs.

Herring said the school was locked down so no students were in the hallways with the canine officers.

“I’m proud to say nothing was found. That’s always a good thing to hear,” Herring said.

Police said dogs alerted on one locker and one car in the parking lot but no drugs were found in either.

The training exercise and search included K-9 teams from Austintown, Beaver Township, the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation, Canfield, East Palestine, Liberty, McDonald, St. Clair Township and Springfield Township.

Kim Nusser, BCII K-9 officer, said the former junior high building is an excellent training ground for the teams.