BPA sorts out sewer bills

SALINEVILLE- The ongoing effort to collect sewage bills from residents of Salineville and determine the proper amount they owe is making progress, according to Board of Public Affairs members at Monday night’s meeting.

The problem with sewage billing began during the village’s lawsuit with Buckeye Water District. During this time, BWD refused to give the village readings of how much water residents were using because of the ongoing lawsuit. Not knowing how much water residents used, the village in turn had no way to gauge how much water was going into the sewage system, and therefore could not determine how much to charge residents on their sewage bills.

Board President James Brammer noted during the meeting that he had a list of 16 village residents who were overcharged on their sewage bills for 4 to 10 gallons of water. He stated that these incorrect sewage billings were made due to leaks. Brammer explained that BWD records the leaks as water used by the customer, and the village then bills the resident for sewage based on Buckeye’s readings. “It’s not fair for us to charge them on their sewage bills when it didn’t go down the sewage,” said Brammer. The board approved a motion to write off the incorrect sewage billings made due to leaks.

Brammer also noted that with the spring approaching residents may be thinking about filling their swimming pools. The BPA reminded residents that if they fill a pool or use large amounts of water, for any application in which the water wont be going into the sewage system, they need to contact both BWD and the village and make both aware.

The board explained this is done so water used in these kind of applications will not be billed to residents on their sewage bill. “They need to get ahold of Buckeye and get everything in order before they tap into the water then wonder why their sewer rates went up,” said president James Brammer.

* Board president James Brammer asked for clarification of the article “Council raises pay for BPA”, which states that village council approved a motion to increase pay for BPA members to $20. While it is true council approved the motion, the raises would not take place until January 2013. Therefore, current BPA members will not receive a pay raise, because all 3 BPA positions are up for election in November.