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TOPS 1930

EAST LIVERPOOL — TOPS 1390 met Feb. 27 at Oakland Free Methodist Church with leader, Naomi Cowsert, presiding. Best losers for the week were Debbie Ice and Anne McGee.

Ice was also last week’s best loser back with a loss this week and she won the calorie chart drawing. McGee won the dimes. Mildred Elliott won the 50/50. Cowsert led a discussion on weight loss.

The no-nos for this week are chocolate candy and potato chips. The meeting closed with prayer requests and the Lord’s Prayer. Visitors are welcome Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m.

TOPS 1957

WELLSVILLE — TOPS 1957 of Wellsville met on Feb. 20. Peggy Kiddey opened the meeting with pledges, roll call and then Dee Davis led the group in prayer.

TOPS best loser was Kim McGurn. Donna Lee wore the officers ribbon and also turned in 10 weight loss slips.

Norma Rodgers Birthday was celebrated with a card shower.

Connie Hissam won the 50/50 drawing,

The no-no for the week is pizza.

Kiddey gave the program titled “Push it but don’t over do it”. She closed the meeting wishing all a good week.

New Century Club

CALCUTTA — A valentine theme was used for the New Century Club meeting held at Adrian’s Restaurant. The table centerpiece was a decorated valentine box. Among the Valentine Day table decorations were scattered small children’s valentines, that were signed by members present and placed in the box to be sent to members who could not attend the meeting. Favors were valentine chocolates.

A brief business meeting was conducted by Mrs. Beverly Smith, President. Suggestions for next year’s program topics were discussed.

In keeping with the program these of “First Ladies”, Mrs. Linda Henderson presented a program on Martha Washington and her long love affair with her husband George. She married him Jan. 6, 1759 and moved to his home in Mount Vernon. Her efforts to support her husband during the Revolutionary War and his Presidency were emphasized. Many of the First Ladies’ traditions followed by later First Ladies were initiated by Mrs. Washington.

The next meeting will be March 17 at Adrian’s.