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Area Seniors

EAST LIVERPOOL — The Area Senior Citizens met with leader Jean Tomilson opening the meeting by reading the Bible then the members repeated the Lord’s Prayer, Pledge to the American flag and singing two verses of “America”.

Secretary Diane Carnegie gave the roll call of the officers, with 16 members present. Gail Grimm gave the treasurer’s report and it was approved for audit. She reported the FISH Org. sent a card to the club to thank them for the donation they sent. Happy Birthday was sung to Martha Baxter, Margaret Brown and Carnegie. Betty Ward won the 50/50 drawing.

Tomilson gave the closing prayer. Brown and Ralph Samberson motioned to close the meeting. The next meeting will be Feb. 22 with pizza being served.

Tops 1390

EAST LIVERPOOL — TOPS 1390 met Feb. 20 at Oakland Free Methodist Church with leader, Naomi Cowsert, presiding. Debbie Ice was best loser. May Kinemond was runner-up. Mildred Elliott had three weeks in leeway. The no-no is chocolate candy. Naomi Stover won the calorie chart drawing. Florence Smith won the dimes. Jonnie Carnes won the 50/50.

Elliott’s program was “Eat Mindfully to Shed Pounds” (from Dr. Oz.)

The meeting closed with prayer requests and the Lord’s Prayer. Visitors are welcome Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m.

Tops 1341

GLENMOOR — TOPS 1341 met at Glenmoor Presbyterian Church Feb. 19, with leader Marlene Reynolds opening with the pledges. Best loser was Reynolds and runner-up was Marlene Smith.

Drawing winners were: calorie chart, Darlene Naukam; weight loss, Kitti Phillips; junk food, Margaret Jackman; 50/50, Janice Hutchin. Marwynne Serafy forfeited the jackpot. The no-nos were white bread and no eating after 7 p.m.

The Secretary’s report was read and approved.

Naukam was in the loser’s book three times. Peggy Barker was recognized for 16 weeks in the attendance book. Reynolds and Smith hold the travel boxes.

Jackman had the program for Nancy Boyd and had the group toss around a ball for exercise. Winner was Barbara Kalinowski. Jackman also read “Twinty-five Steps for Reducing Stress.” Marsha VonLudmann will have next week’s program. Cards and concerns were shared. The meeting closed with The Lord’s Prayer.