The Scottish Rite Valley of Steubenville recently inducted 24 new members on Nov. 11, 2017 in an impressive ceremony at the Masonic Temple in Steubenville. Scottish Rite is an appendant body of Freemasonry. The Scottish Rite seeks to strengthen the community and believes that each man should act in civil life according to his individual judgment and the dictates of his conscience. Locally, nearly 1000 men are members of the Valley of Steubenville. Pictured front (from left): Ill. Carol Monday, SP; Ill. Dan E. Boyd, Chairman; Wayne Fulmer, Secretary; Ill. Edsel F. Emery, Dep. Rep.; Ill. Jason Gorney, TPM; Bryan Breyer, CIC; Bryan Cooley, Ill Tom Jones Jr; Richard Purks; row 2: Dennis Chapman, Jason Alloggia, Paul Zink, Christopher McClain, Kenneth Mayhew, James Breon, David Cesaro, Cody Shanley; row 3: Douglas Cunningham, John Cortez, Mark Rebres, Caden Myers, Roderick Cowans, Allen Rogers; Row 4: Timothy Walters, James Alvey, Fredrick Jones, Timothy Murphey, Frank Ferraro, Douglas Manfrin, Timothy Shaw, David Thomas, Shane Marker. Not pictured: Jonathan Sgalla and Carl Sgalla. (Submitted photo)