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Tops 1957

WELLSVILLE — TOPS 1957 of Wellsville met at the Living Well Church with leader Peggy Kiddey opening the meeting with pledges, roll call and then Terry Coen led the group in prayer.

TOPS best loser was Brenda Young. Kops best loser was Beverly Bolton and Young wore the officers ribbon. Gladys Buzzard was the best loser for November and Mary Schmidt won the dimes. The no-nos for the week are cookies and donuts.

Dee Davis donated a ceramic tree that was won by Kiddey.

A new contest was announced by Coen and it is called “The Advent System”. All members picked a bulb with a members address on it and no one is supposed to know who you have. You are to support this person by sending or bringing them a card, note, or healthy snack. The contest will last three weeks and your secret person will be revealed in January 2018.

Don’t forget the card exchange on the Dec. 12 and the Christmas party on Dec. 19.

Janice Monte gave the program on the symptoms of a stroke.

Kiddey closed the meeting wishing all a good week.

Tops 2231

EAST LIVERPOOL — TOPS 2231 met Dec. 5 at Always Best Care, St. Clair Ave., with secretary Pam Fouse presiding. The meeting opened with the TOPS and KOPS pledges and roll call.

Cassy Stephens read the treasurer report and Fouse read the secretary report. Both were approved as read.

Verla Betteridge was the KOPS and officer best loser and is in leeway. Anita Kukich is three weeks in leeway.

Mary Wolf won the dimes and Carolyn Hager won the 50/50.

The no-no are cookies, ice cream, and no eating after dinner.

Betteridge won the basket of Christmas ornaments.

Dee Kiger presented us with a questionnaire about “The Choice is Yours”. The three top winners were presented Christmas gifts, Betteridge, Kukich, and Fouse.

We were honored to have a new member, Carolyn Hager, TOPS.

The meeting closed with prayer requests followed by the Lord’s Prayer. New and former members are always welcome at 5 p. m. on Tuesdays.