Garden club holds Children’s Festival

Pictured are Jackie Long and granddaughter learning about bees. (Submitted photo)

EAST LIVERPOOL — East Liverpool-Calcutta Area Garden Club members held its bi-annual Children’s Festival on Sept. 9 at Thompson Park. There were approximately 200-250 children and adults in attendance. Children were dressed as fairy princesses, pirates, and even cowboys.

Susie Cochran, member and storyteller, gathered the little fairy princesses, pirates, and cowboys around to tell them stories of how the fairies made magic in the garden and everywhere else. They sat bright-eyed in amazement at the magical stories.

Parents and grandparents eagerly ushered their youngsters from station-to-station to get their nails manicured, make pirate swords, rain gauges, necklaces, and various craft projects. Objectives of the club focus on stimulating the knowledge of horticulture, the protection of flora, fauna and natural resources as a way to enrich everyone’s personal relationship with their world around them.

In keeping with that, the club provided an expert Apiarist (beekeeper), Joe Kovaleski from Buena Vista Honey Farms in Steubenville, and two Herpetoculturists (snake, reptile keepers), from The Beaver Creek Wildlife Center to teach the children and their parents and grandparents the importance of bees and snakes to our environment and how we need both for a balanced eco system. Children’s eyes eagerly watched each station to learn from these experts.

Our garden club members, Doris Musselman and Marsha VonLudmann, helped the children construct little fairy huts from natural materials collected from our environment which were proudly displayed in the beautiful grassy area of Thompson Park. Some of the little fairy princesses and pirates were even seen exploring their environment by climbing on fallen tree branches.

Children are always fascinated with fire trucks and the Garden Club was privileged to have the East Liverpool Fire Department firemen and truck present for the children to learn about and explore with the firemen. The firemen were kept busy teaching and assisting them into the driver seat to learn about the important gauges and equipment necessary to do their jobs.

The Garden Club considered the festival a huge success and would not be able to put the event on without the community support of Heritage Thermal, Dr. Bartolovich, Frank Dawson, the East Liverpool Fire Department, The Ohio State Cooperative Extension, Uptown Girls Nail Salon, the individual volunteers, the teachers at the area schools, the Apiarist, and The Wildlife Center, as well as all the businesses that generously display our posters for all our events and last, but not least, Keystone Printing, and the area newspapers.

Success of any organization depends upon community cooperation for which the club has graciously been blessed. Anyone desiring membership in the club or donating to the club for such great causes, contact Lisa Chronister at 330-383-0473 or Chris Bell at 330-385-7962.