Property Transfers:

Columbiana County


Land Shark Holdings to Aaron and Leslie Reese, home on North Main Street; $139,900.

Eric and Jane Buckinham to Andrew and Amy Winner, home on Canterbury Court; $286,000.

East Liverpool

Shashi and Annekutty Narang to Housing Programs Ltd., doctor’s office on West Seventh Street; $33,000.

Barbara Witherow estate to Joshua Watthews and Dawn Acker, home on Sunnyside Avenue; $4,000.

Curt Burchett to Robin Johnston, home on Maine Boulevard; $15,000.

Darrell Locke to Patrick and Mettie Gordon, home on Vine Street; $40,500.

Marion Perkins to Paul Bloor, home on Ohio Avenue; $50,000.

Dale Hanley and Nancy Folkert to Terry and Deborah Riggs, home on Fisher Avenue; $25,000.

East Palestine

Bradley Neeld to Leighann Kelvington, home on Alice Street; $60,000.

Margaret Kirk to Linda Meadows, home on North Avenue; $49,900.

Kristen Graeser to Melanie Miller, home on Lyon Avenue; $52,000.

Ronald McKay, trustee, to James and Sharon Chiodo, condominium on Claybrook Drive; $200,000.

Elkrun Township

Jennifer and William Craig III to Lindsay and Robert Edwards, home and 5.8 acres on state Route 154; $242,000.

Hanover Township

Megan Severance to Cody and Kristen Huff, house trailer and 2 acres on Campbell Road; $67,100.

Knox Township

Carol Barnett, et al, to Carol and Elvin Barnett, home on U.S. Route 62; $70,000.

Loretta Shaddix to Marie and John Ayers, home on Lake Front St.; $23,000.


Donald and Melissa Rhodes to Christopher and Marsha Hayes, home on Washington Street; $75,000.

S&J Solomon Enterprises to SIDAD LLC, convenience store (Sissy’s Drive-Thru) on Columbia Street; $116,824

Liverpool Township

David Moore to Janice and Jack Ring, home on Croft Avenue; $30,450.

Madison Township

Patrick McAndrew to Shawn Keyes, home and 10 acres on state Route 7; $160,000.

New Waterford

Theodore Cikovich, et al, to Jason and Janice Landsbach, home on Dogwood Circle; $125,000.

Perry Township

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to Paula McDonald, home at 1514 State Boulevard.; $30,000.

Joseph Mong to Dennis and Pauline Weingart, home on Springdale Street; $126,000.

Middleton Township

Arthur Morjock to William and Heather Hostetter, home and 2.9 acres on Columbia Street; $60,000.


Thomas Spack to Elisabeth Spack, home on Sharp Avenue; $54,680.

Lakeview Loan Servicing to Cranmer Stockton Investments, home at 518 S. Union Ave.; $49,414.

Scott Merriman to Cora Smalley, home on 1502 N. Ellsworth Ave.; $73,000.

Alfred and Vilma Levine to Daniel Kaiser, home on East Sixth Street; $18,500.

Joseph Mong to Anthony Colian, vacant property on Springdale Street; $1,000.

Farmers National Bank to TJR Real Estate, retail building at 1838-1858 E. State St.; $430,000.

Joseph Mong to Anthony Colian, vacant property on Springdale Street; $27,500.

Lakeview Loan Servicing to Mary Altomare, home at 364 Fair Ave.; $31,000.

Lillian Brancho to Brian Schandel, home on Madison Avenue; $53,500.

Christopher Pew to Kathy Buttermore, home on Jefferson Avenue; $35,450.

St. Clair Township

Raymond and Karen Ammon to Paul and Kathie Hill, home on Stagecoach Road; $158,000.

Unity Township

Cortney Roth to Lori Baumgarner, pole barn and property on Poland Road (Country Acre Estates); $34,500.

Robert Skinner to Andrew and Katie Neiheisel, home and 82 acres on Peace Valley Road; $427,500.

Wendy Donnalley to Mike Haldiman, property on state Route 14: $17,000.


Martha O’Neill, trustee, to Barbara Recek, home on Main Street; $12,400.

Ashton Bloor to Living Well Church, home on Maple Avenue; $24,000.

Kaja Holdings to DSV SPV2, home at 1225 Clover St.; $11,030.

Wells Fargo Bank to M Sidote Capital, home at 220 Roslyn Ave.; $5,001.

Coulter Communications to Wellsville school board, home at 845 Center St.; $7,700.

West Township

Jacob and Anna Weaver, trustees, to Melissa Riley, 36 acres on Mountz Road; $260,000.

Donald Pentz to Kevin and Tammy Mangun, home on Fairview Drive; $125,000.

Cora Smalley to Jenifer Lewis, house trailer and 1.7 acres on Lynchburg Road; $78,400.

Ronald Willett to Glenn Whiteleather, 0.1 acre parcel on Bayard Road; $6,800.

Jill Pitts to Keith Erickson, home on U.S. Route 30; $144,000.