Property Transfers: Columbiana County

Center Township

Sandra Pemberton to Betty and William Pancake, home on Leetonia Road; $35,000.

Rebecca Sanor to Angeline Bekar, et al, on Eric Drive; $165,000.


Laura Shamp to Daniel and Jill Thompson, home on Canterbury Court; $220,000.

East Liverpool

Linda Stracener to WJS Rentals, apartments on Jefferson Street; $26,000.

East Palestine

Diocese of Youngstown to Christian House Realty, former Catholic school on North James Street; $140,000.

Kevin and Elaine Daubenmire to Justin Daubenmire, home on Main Street; $83,000.

John McCormick and Dianne Cope to Lisa Weeden, home on on Kenmar Drive; $129,000.

Margaret and George Guglielmo to Tim and Jennifer Dobbins, home on North Sumner Street; $110,000.

Elkrun Township

Brenda Rudibaugh to Jessica and Scott Hays, home on Roller Coaster Road; $59,500.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Charles Grubbs trust, home at 41505 state Route 517: $55,000.

Fairfield Township

Stephen and Kathy Stewart to Mark and Christina Smith, home on Camelot Drive; $255,000.

Paul and Bonnie Crook to Michael Landsberger, 4.4 acres on Fairfield School Road; $8,500.

Melanie Genova to Bradley and Tari Stickler, home and 5.2 acres on state Route 46; $200,000.

Dan and Jill Thompson to Charles and Melissa Wellman, home and 3 acres on Woodville Road; $278,500.

Hanover Township

Tracy Jones and Brent Nickel to Zachary Vanhorn, home and 2.2 acres on Trinity Church Road; $110,000.


Jeff Hoperich to Melissa Leitchliter, home on West Spruce Street; $81,500.

Liverpool Township

County Sheriff (Joseph McNear Jr.) to Wells Fargo Bank, home and 23 acres on Annesley Road; $220,000.

Madison Township

Tim and Amber Salsberry to Andrew Saling, home on state Route 45; $101,500.

County Sheriff (Jackie Lyle) to Jerry Mostella Jr., home at 16972 state Route 45: $10,200.

Ken and Christine Will to William and Nikki Williams, home and 2 acres on Madison Drive; $161,500.

Middleton Township

Douglas Reynolds to Kenneth Dow, home and 5 acres on Dyke Road; $93,000.

Ernest and Paulette Yocum to Thomas McNear, et al, property on Tomahawk Drive; $20,000.

Perry Township

Clifford and Mary Poynter to Pierre Parfaite, home on Chestnut Grove Road; $27,421.

David and Ayon Zeliff to Thomas and Cynthia Ruhaff, home on Old Coach Lane; $164,000.


David and Pamela Phelps to Jesse and Amy Ketchum, home on South Broadway Avenue; $7,500.

Bank of New York to Mary Tusinac, home at 664 Franklin Ave.; $29,900.

Dennis Sawman to John Shuman and Ashley Painter, home on New Garden Avenue; $35,000.

Steven and Pamela Skiba to Carey Strong, home on Merle Road; $103,500.

Thomas Hayes to Kimberly Heck, home on Sharp Street; $79,900.

West Wilson Enterprises to Greenbriar Enterprises, property on West Wilson Street; $5,000.

Taylor Pattern Inc. to Greenbriar, commercial property (Taylor Pattern) on West Wilson Street; $77,000.

Karen Hanson to Shannon Slimon, home on Ridgewood Drive; $85,000.

Larry and Mary Kay McFall to Sharon Meeks, home on West 14th Street; $92,000.

Lois Harrold to Streetsboro Realty Partners, home on Ohio Avenue; $37,000.

Salem Township

Wade Moore to James Frost, home on Salem Grange Road; $21,000.

Mark Menough to Chad Reiter, property on Lisbon Road; $5,200.


Zeb and Judith Locklear to AEP Ohio Transmission Co., property on Hazel Run Road (for 69KV station); $37,760.

St. Clair Township

Betty Olmstead to Kenny Olmstead, home on Martha Street; $24,705.

Unity Township

Edna Conkle Trust to Gregory Henderson, home on Bacon Avenue; $50,000.

Michael Zelenak to TG Industries, commercial property (Route 14 Enterprises) on state Route 14: $175,000.

Homer and Jean Smith to William Phillips III, home on Metz Road; $218,500.

Beverly Madden to Jason and Julie Wiery, property on state Route 14; $20,000.

County Sheriff (Joshua Braun) to Wells Fargo Bank, home on state Route 170; $80,000.

Wayne Township

Scott McIntosh to Joshua Pastore, 32 acres on Steubenville Pike; $396,000.


Elizabeth Broderick to Ryan and Anthony Roberts, home on Lincoln Avenue; $32,000.

Marianne Moore to Courtney Morehead, property on Washington Street; $1,800.

Tammy Palmer to Kawalti Singh Goraya, commercial property (Dairy Queen) on Third Street; $300,000.

Theresa Gibson to William and Pamela Walker, home on Center Street; $65,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Adam and Neda Arrington to John Michaels, home on state Route 39: $94,000.