Georgetown group seeks veterans memorial

GEORGETOWN, Pa. — The Friends of Georgetown want to build a memorial in honor of the veterans from the small Beaver County town.

“We are a very small town with the optimistic aspiration of raising enough funds for this monument to remember, honor, educate and raise awareness of the part that the people of Georgetown played in the history of our country,” organizers say.

The idea is to place a granite memorial in town to honor veterans having roots in the community, who served in the military from the time of the Revolutionary War to the present.

The goal is to raise $29,000. A dedication day has been scheduled for 2 p.m. Sept. 2.

“We are asking for (the community’s) help,” a release states. “We are asking for donations from veterans organizations in the area, as well as other organizations, businesses and individuals to help us reach our goal for this memorial. Any amount will be greatly appreciated.”

Georgetown is located along the Ohio River, across the stateline from East Liverpool. The original carved stone markers, which were placed after the Pennsylvania/Virginia survey, and the PA/WV survey markers of 1883, sit just west of town, high on the bank overlooking the Ohio River and little Mill Creek.

“The early history of our country is reflected in Georgetown, through its pioneer families — the Dawsons, Mackalls, McHaffies, Poes, Nashes, and Trimbles,” a release states. “From the time of Indian skirmishes (Andrew and Adam Poe), and exploration (Lewis and Clark), religious establishments (St. Lukes Episcopal Church), and by the patriotism of the men and women who served their country from the Revolutionary War forward.”

Georgetown was founded on land grants to Revolutionary War soldiers. Four of these soldiers rest in the Grand Heights Cemetery which overlooks the town. Descendants of these men still serve their country to the present day. One soldier, Major Hugh McCullough, served in the War of 1812. Ten or more of the 57 Civil War soldiers that will be listed on the monument were US Navy/volunteers, who served in the Mississippi Marine Brigade (MMB), RAMs or Gunboats due to their experience working in the Steamboat industry — the major industry in Georgetown in the mid 1800s. And 46 Civil War soldiers are buried in Grand Heights.

“This small river town has continued in its proud tradition of service to our country with soldiers serving in the Spanish American war and the first World War,” a release states. “World War II brought the community its first KIA, Private C. L. Rowley. Private Rowley did not make it home to Georgetown. He is buried at the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery with his fellow Rangers.

“Georgetown has continued to send men and women to serve in almost every conflict in which the United States has been involved.”

Each person who served in the military will be listed on the monument by conflict: Revolutionary War (4 veterans), Civil War (57), WWI (27), WWII (58), Korea (21), and the Middle East conflicts (15). There also are 17 from Georgetown who have served during times of peace.

“This monument will represent more than 10 generations serving our country,” the release reads. “Descendants of those first veterans are scattered across the globe and have served in every military conflict, contributing to their communities and their country and making their small town proud!”

Visit Friends of Georgetown on Facebook for further information.