Property Transfers:

Columbiana County

Butler Township

Brian Sneltzer, et al, to Brian Kolm, home on McCann Road; $43,750.

Hidden Creek of Route 62 to Justin and Alison Biery, 1.5 acres on Woodside Drive; $32,500.

Center Township

Margaret Dall to Aaron and Kathryn Burch, home and 25 acres on U.S. Route 30; $190,000.


Diana Crothers, et al, to Randy Neel, home on Pin Oak Court; $150,000.

East Liverpool

Michael Chan to Howard Williams, home on Rubicon Street; $93,500.

Anastasio Sanchez to Thomas Roberts, home on Haywood Street; $1,000.

Mary Lou Cunningham to Steve Williams, property on Montgomery Avenue; $2,000.

Hawley Allgood to Miranda Glendenning, home on Thompson Avenue; $1,500.

Joseph and April Crothers to Jack and Renee Dillow, home on Clairborne Avenue; $4,000.

Elkrun Township

TDB Irrevocable Trust to Bonnie and Glenn Joseph Jr., 9.6 acres on state Route 517; $600.

Hanover Township

Jinger Corfee-Miller to Edward Livermore, home on Wooddale Drive; $105,000.

Knox Township

Gretchen Lab, trustee, to Jill Berkmyer, home on Lake Point Drive; $40,000.

County Sheriff (Nancy Monea and Robert Hartshorn) to Equity Trust Co., home at 4748 Bayard Road; $45,000.


Steven Clunen to Carrington Mortgage Services (foreclosure), home on Pine Street; $66,033.

Madison Township

Gomoll Family Limited Partnership to Pineridge Properties, commercial campground on Y-Camp Road; $180,000.

Perry Township

Jerry and Shannon Kleinman to Mary and Lee Frederickson Jr., home on Highland Avenue; $238,000.


EJF Real Estate Salem to Graces Woods Salem Realty, assisted living facility on Benton Road; $952,500.

Hazen LLC to Anacott Holdings, home on East State Street; $175,000.


Jim Owens to Jenny Echols, home on Lincoln Street; $2,100.

St. Clair Township

Susan and Kenneth Mahon to Russell McCloud, home on Vale Street; $160,000.

Unity Township

Gregory Henderson to Robert and Tina Eno, 14 acres and farm buildings on Heck Road; $210,000.

West Township

Robin Adkins to Evan and Michael Blackburn, home on Ellsworth Avenue; $128,000.

Terry and Joanne Green to Joshua and Katrina McGeorge, home on Ellsworth Drive; $245,000.