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Tops 2231

EAST LIVERPOOL — TOPS 2231 met at Always Best Care on March 7, with Pam Anthony presiding. The meeting opened with the TOPS and KOPS pledges and roll call.

Pam Fouse gave the secretary report and Cassy Stephens gave the treasurer report. Both were approved as read.

Anthony was the TOPS best loser and Verla Betteridge was the KOPS and officer best loser.

Anthony had 6 weeks of loss and 10 pounds off and was the monthly best loser.

The no-no’s are chips, ice cream, and no eating after dinner. Drink plenty of water.

Anthony won the calorie charts, Betteridge won the dimes, Stephens won the 50/50.

Debbie Montgomery read an article on “Foods That Go Together for Better Weight Loss”.

Meeting closed with the prayer requests followed by the Lord’s Prayer. New and former members are always welcome 5 p.m. every Tuesday.