Oak Glen graduate has biology papers published

WEIRTON — David A. Foltz II, of Weirton, and a graduate of Oak Glen, West Liberty, and Marshall has had two papers published recently. He was main author on an article titled “Life history of the coal fields crayfish Cambarus theepiensis Loughman, Foltz, Garrison, and Welch 2013 (Decapoda: Astacoidae: Cambaridae) in southwestern West Virginia, USA” published in the September issue of Journal of Crustacean Biology, an international journal which focuses on the biology and ecology of crustaceans. The paper focused on the life history of the coal fields crayfish (Cambarus theepiensis) which he  had colleagues named and described in 2013.

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More recently, while aiding his former mentor, Dr. Zachary Loughman of West Liberty University, with the required United States Fish and Wildlife Service surveys for the Guyandotte (Cambarus veteranus) and Big Sandy (cambarus callainus) crayfish, the team discovered a large striped fishing spider (Dolomedes scriptus) eating a spiny stream crayfish (Orconectes cristavarius). The team photo documented the event and continued sampling; however, after investigating the literature, they discovered there were no prior scientific recordings of spiders consuming crayfish. The paper detailing the event was published in the September issue of Southeastern Naturalist and has been covered by both Newscientist.com and IFLScience.com.

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