License restoration workshop planned

LISBON — Columbiana County Municipal Court Judges Charles C. Amato and Mark Frost have announced that the court will again partner with the local district office of the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to present a “license restoration workshop” from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 16.

This workshop will be the latest in a series of opportunities for suspended drivers to meet one-to-one with BMV representatives at the Municipal Court building so that they can possibly clear their suspensions or at least get limited driving privileges enabling them to drive to their jobs, to school, to family medical and dental appointments or to other necessary destinations like court or community service.

The BMV personnel will be able to access the court’s computer network and take payments, set up payment plans and tell the applicants the exact steps they need to take to get legal.

“We have found that a significant number of attendees have been able to leave the meeting with privileges restored, and all the others have been given a road map of exactly what they need to do,” Frost said.

Persons wanting to set up a payment plan should bring a bank check or money order payable to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles for $50 to get the plan started.  Although subsequent payments can be made at any deputy registrar’s office, or even online, the BMV representatives at the workshop cannot accept cash or credit cards.

“The new BMV procedure, which allows for a $50 per month payment plan no matter how much an applicant owes, saves considerable time and money over the old methods, but it still provides safeguards by providing for immediate re-suspension of the license if a payment is missed or if insurance is canceled,” Amato said.

Both judges emphasized that this program is not designed to put bad drivers on the road.

According to Amato, “This program is for otherwise good drivers to clear up bureaucratic or insurance problems they have gotten themselves into.”

As in the past, available time slots are expected to fill quickly. Drivers who want scheduled an appointment should to call the court during normal business hours at 424-5326.