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Area Seniors

EAST LIVERPOOL — East Liverpool Area Seniors met Nov. 3 with 20 members and one guest attending. President June Mullen welcomed Susan Johnson as a first time guest. Margaret Brown read scripture. Prayers, pledges and singing followed.

The secretarial report was written last week by Lois Burris, and read by Secretary JoAnn Fickes. The roll call of officers was checked and the report was approved and will stand as read.

Treasurer Gail Grimm reported two new bills were submitted to her. Motions to pay bills were made by Diane Carnegie and Jean Tomlison.

Club Supervisor Martha Baxter stated members must sign up and pay for their Thanksgiving dinner next week, as the dinner is on Nov. 17.

This week’s lucky recipient of the 50/50 was President Mullen. Ruth Wynn and Mullen read a couple of funny stories. Mullen called for motions to close. Beverly Bolton made the first motion and Alice Eckstein seconded the motion. Members sang the “Evening Prayer” and the closing prayer was made by Brown.

Next meeting will be Nov. 10. Bring a sack lunch. The meeting closed for bingo and games.

Tops 1390

EAST LIVERPOOL — TOPS 1390 met Nov. 1 at Oakland Free Methodist Church with leader, Dee Kiger, presiding. The meeting opened with the TOPS and KOPS pledges. The best loser was Debbie Ice, with runner-up, Naomi Cowsert. The October best loser was Anne McGee, with runner-up, Karen Brereton. Kiger had six weeks in leeway. Vesta Ferlaino won the check contest.

At the Fall Rally in Damascus, the following were recognized: Jonnie Carnes, best loser in August; Mildred Elliott and Kiger for three months in leeway; Ice for perfect resumes; Brereton for being elected chapter angel; and Elliott and McGee for three months perfect attendance. Brereton and Cowsert won raffle prizes. Brereton, Cowsert and Kiger presented a skit.

Elliott won the 50/50 and the calorie chart drawing. Arelene Shuman won the dimes. The no-no is potato chips.

The meeting closed with prayer requests, the Lord’s Prayer and Friendship Circle. Visitors are welcome Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m.

Tops 2231

EAST LIVERPOOL —  TOPS 2231 met Nov. 1, at Always Best Care, Market St., with Leader Pam Anthony presiding. The meeting was opened with the TOPS and KOPS pledges and roll call.

Cassy Stephens gave the treasurer report and Pam Fouse gave the secretary report. Both were approved as read.

Verla Betteridge was the KOPS best loser. Pam Fouse was the TOPS and officers best loser.

Debbie Montgomery was recognized with four weeks of loss.

Betteridge won the calorie chart. Dimes were  held over and Montgomery won the 50/50.

The no-nos are candy and ice cream. The goal is to drink more water.

Stephens had an article on the health benefits of pumpkin.

Anthony closed the meeting with prayer requests followed by the Lord’s Prayer.

Meetings are held every Tuesday with weigh-ins beginning at 5 p.m. New members are always welcome.