FISH requests donations

EAST LIVERPOOL – Members of the FISH Board met Aug. 4, at the First United Methodist Church on Fifth Street, for their quarterly board meeting. There were 8 board members present and one prospective member present.

The FISH organization serves the needy with food distribution and hygiene needs.

FISH relies on money from grants and individuals, as well as from private individuals and area churches.

It was discussed that the money is usually earmarked to spend a certain way which may be just for food products, and not on paper products or bodily hygiene products.

FISH is requesting all area churches and individuals to consider donations of items such as toilet tissue, paper towels, tissues, laundry detergent, bath soaps, toothpaste, and any other taxable items they wish to donate. Items can be dropped off at the Good Samaritan House on Fourth Street; by calling 330-385-4457, or by leaving items at individual churches for pick-up. Individuals or organizations can also earmark their cash donations to be spent specifically on the above items mentioned. These are the items that are always in demand and crucially needed. Additionally, cash donations are very much appreciated and needed because the money can be better appropriated for use to purchase products at a cheaper rate through The Second Harvest Food Bank.

The FISH organization is very appreciative of any and all donations given by the community to help fill the much needed gap that is in ours and surrounding communities for help with groceries. There has been an increase in the number of clients requesting assistance with their food and hygiene product needs. By giving what we can, we are helping our brothers and sisters in their time of need, just as Our Lord commanded us to do.