Tops 1341

EAST LIVERPOOL – Tops Ohio 1341 met July 21 at the Glenmoor Presbyterian Church with co-leader, Janice Hutchin presiding. The meeting opened with the pledges and roll call.

Kitti Phillips was best loser with Peg Barker the runner up.

Winners of the weekly drawings were, weight loss, Becky Russell; calorie chart, Barker; junk food, Marwynn Serafy; jackpot, Jane Proctor; and 50-50, Darla Varney.

Tammy Gute was 3 times in the loser’s book. Sally Nicholson was 24 weeks in the attendance book. Varney and Margaret Jackman hold the travel boxes now.

Members were reminded to bring in items for the picnic baskets to be given away at the picnic on Aug. 18 at the home of Dorothy Garn.

Pat Allison presented the program.

A ball game was played with members participating.

Some fruits and vegetables were given out in a drawing.

The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

New and former members are welcome to join.