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Tops 1390

EAST LIVERPOOL – Tops 1390 had weigh-ins July 29 at Oakland Free Methodist Church, 1551 Etruria St. A picnic is scheduled for Aug. 5, with weigh-in from 4:30-5:30 p.m. Members are reminded to bring cards for Vesta Ferlaino’s special day.

New and former members are always welcome.

New Cumberland Lions Club

NEW CUMBERLAND – The Invocation was given by Lion Rick Tinsky and Lion Jim Wells led the Pledge of Allegiance. Minutes from the previous two meetings and accepted as read. The treasurer’s report was placed on file. No correspondence has been received.

Lion Russ Flanigan presented an award to Jack Ashcraft, son of Lion John Ashcraft, expressing gratitude for his valuable assistance with the paper drives. His daughters were given honorable mention for their assistance. Lion Bob Manypenny noted that less than one dozen of the large and small brooms are available for sale. Contact any lion for information.

The next Pulled Pork fundraiser will be Aug.t 23 in the Swaney Library parking lot.

Lion Tom Stiles will be the chairman of the Adopt-A-Highway committee. He will notify members when the next road clean-up is scheduled. Lion Russ asked that anyone wanting to help with the Dan Dague Memorial Car & Bike Show for Sight let him know. It is scheduled for Labor Day in the Highlands parking lots beyond Cabelas.

President Betsy Wells asked members to check addresses and phone numbers. The only directory changes that will be made are corrections. Directories will only be provided to those who need a new folder.

The August steak fry will be at a new location this year yet to be determined. Members will be notified once arrangements have been made. It will be the 4th Thursday of August.

Lion Rick Tinsky thanked everyone for donations to the Down By The Riverside event. This raises money for the local United Social Services. President Betsy Wells suggested that the club consider a group outing to a Pirates game. Lion Richard Blackwell made a motion to Adjourn with a second by Lion Tom Tate.

Friends & Family

West Point Lions

WEST POINT – 30 members and one guest were welcomed to the picnic-style July 7 meeting of the West Point Lions Club by 1st. VP Violet Mellon.

Lion Janis Mundy gave a report on the Lions Den food stand for the Columbiana County Fair. Cleanup will be held July 23-25 and set up on June 27. Sign up sheets will be available at the next meeting for members to choose the shift they want to work.

The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m. July 21 at St. Agatha Church, West Point.

TOPS 2231

WELLSVILLE – Tops 2231 met at First Christian Church, 831 Main St., on July 8. Leader Lisa Ceneviva opened the meeting with Tops and Kops pledges. Mary Wolf gave the weight recorder’s report.

Tops best loser was Linda Waggoner. The no no is donuts.

Ceneviva had 10 weight slips. Ceneviva and Verla Betteridge had three weeks no gain. Waggoner won the calorie charts and dimes were held over.

Election was held and Donna Hawksworth was voted leader and Ceneviva is co-leader; Waggoner, secretary; and Cassy Stephens, treasurer.

The meeting closed with prayer requests and the Lord’s Prayer.

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TOPS 1390

EAST LIVERPOOL – Tops 1390 met on July 1 at the Oakland Free Methodist Church, 1551 Etruria St.

Fifteen members weighed in and the meeting was opened with the Tops and Kops pledges.

Karen Brereton was the weekly best loser and May Kinemond was the runner-up. The no-no for the week is cookies.

The best loser for the month of June was Mary Ann DeGarmo and Florence Smith was the runner-up. DeGarmo received her dues paid for a month.

Carol Wright was recognized for being in leeway for 10 weeks.

Sharron Wolfe won the calorie chart drawing; Kinemond won the 50-50 drawing and the dimes were held over.

A new check contest began with the names of Brereton, Maureen Davis, Kinemond, Smith and Wolfe remaining. The new points contest began and will continue through Aug. 5.

Card showers were held for Debbie Ice, who celebrated her anniversary on July 4 and Wanda Price who celebrated her special day on July 5.

Naomi Cowsert presented the program by reading the following articles: “Catch the Tops Spirit, Think Positive,” “Seeing Myself” and “Tops Ten Ways to Practice Forgiveness.”

The meeting closed with prayer requests and the Lord’s Prayer.

The chapter meets every Tuesday, with weigh-in from 5:30-6:30. New and former members are always welcome.

Triangle Seniors

EAST LIVERPOOL – The Triangle Seniors met July 2 with a sack lunch at 1 p.m. Prayer for lunch was given by Buck Williams. Meeting opened with Marge Tarnovich reading scripture from 1John, Chapter 12.

Salem Visiting Nurse from Salem was present to do blood pressures.

June Mullen, president, led the group in the Lord’s Prayer, pledge to the flag, America, and the Club Song.

King for the day was Ralph Miller. Queen was Blanche Putnam. A bouquet of flowers for the queen was donated by Clendenning Florist.

The secretary’s report read by Mary Powell and approved as read.

Treasurer’s report was given by Janet Dixon with one bill presented. The report was filed for audit.

Two birthdays were celebrated: Fred Putnam and Jana Lawrence with groups singing Happy Birthday to them.

Second Vice President, Cindy Williams, announced 18 members present.

Get-well cards were sent to Lois Brown and Helen Risbeck.

New business was announced. Next meeting will be at noon July 18 with a sack lunch.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was given by Jana Lawrence, seconded by Jane McCoy.

Friends & Family

TOPS 2231

WELLSVILLE – Tops 2231 met at First Christian Church, 831 Main St., on July 1.

Leader Lisa Ceneviva opened the meeting with Tops and Kops pledges.

Mary Wolf and Verla Betteridge gave the weight recorders report.

Kops best loser was Cassey Stephens. Tops best loser was Judi Blazer and wore the officer’s ribbon.

The no-no is salty snacks and white pasta.

Wolf won the calorie charts and received a $1.

Blazer won the dimes and 50-50.

Stephens went three weeks in lee way and received a tea towel. The best loser for the month of June is Linda Waggoner who gets two weeks’ dues paid.

Perfect attendance for three months is Donna Hawksworth, Betteridge, Ceneviva and gets two weeks paid.

The program chairman, Hawksworth, gave a program on Dementia and Alzheimer’s. An interesting group discussion followed.

The meeting closed with prayer requests and the Lord’s Prayer.

Friends & Family

The Beacon Association

EAST LIVERPOOL – The Beacon Association has discussed Pottery Festival wrap up, and their part in assisting the East Liverpool’s got talent music and arts festival. Also their possible assistance with Oktoberfest, and will be sponsoring a youth soccer team, and setting up a scholarship fund. The next meeting will be held at 6 p.m. today (Sunday) at the Chamber Of Commerce building. All are welcome and those interested in joining may call Brian at 330-831-5754.

Tops 2231

WELLSVILLE – Tops 2231 met June 10 at First Christian Church, 831 Main St.

Lisa Ceneveva led the meeting with Tops and Kops pledges.

Mary Wolf and Verla Betteridge gave the weight report.

Mona Douglas was the Tops best loser. The no no is white bread. Good tip exercises.

Douglas went 3 weeks without a gain and received a tea towel. Linda Waggoner also went 3 weeks in a row and received a tea towel.

Jean Ferrebee won the dimes and Judi Blazer won the 50-50. Verla Betteridge won the calorie charts and received a $1.

Due to Vacation Bible School, the meeting will be at 4 p.m. for weight and meet at State Line for Walking.

Donna Hawksworth gave the program on “Real People and Real Weight Loss.” A group discussion followed.

the meeting ended with prayer requests and the Lord’s Prayer.

Riverview Cemetery Association

EAST LIVERPOOL – The members and directors of the Riverview Cemetery Association, 2026 St. Clair Ave., East Liverpool, voted for continuity of leadership at their 131st annual meeting, held recently at the Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Chapel.

Helen M. Stenger was re-appointed as superintendent. She is the widow of Malcolm L. Stenger, who was superintendent of the cemetery for 26 years before his death in December 1985. Mrs. Stenger was appointed acting superintendent on Jan. 20, 1986, and superintendent in May 1986.

Marc D. Hoffrichter, of Forsyth Place, a member since 1979 and a director since 1988, was re-elected president. Judith E. Dunlap, of Manor Lane, a member since 1994 and a director since 2001, was re-elected vice president. Jackman S. Vodrey, of Fredericktown Road, was re-elected secretary-treasurer, marking his 36th year of service as secretary-treasurer, an office he has held since 1979, when he succeeded his father, William H. Vodrey III, to the post. Vodrey’s grandfather William H. Vodrey Jr. and great-grandfather Joseph McKee Kelly, also preceded Vodrey as secretary-treasurer, with members of the Kelly-Vodrey family having served the association as secretary continuously since 1890.

Sidney C. Porter Jr., of Broadview Circle, and William L. “Wink” Smith IV, of Skyview Manor, both of East Liverpool, were re-elected to serve on the Executive Committee along with the above three officers, plus the superintendent.

A total of 44 members were present in person, with another nine voting by proxy. There were five regular members who failed to vote either in person or by proxy.

Re-elected as directors, for three-year terms expiring in 2017, were J. David Buzzard, Judith E. Dunlap, William L. Smith IV and Robert J. Walker. Also elected for a three-year term expiring in 2017 was Lois I. Beals who passed away shortly after the meeting, on June 8, 2014.

Other directors currently serving are Timothy R. Brookes, Michael S. DiLoreto, S. Tait Hilbert, J. Fraser Jackson, and Charles B. Lang, whose terms will expire in May 2015; and William G. Billingsley, Frank C. Dawson, Marc D. Hoffrichter, Sidney C. Porter Jr., and Jackman S. Vodrey whose terms will expire in May 2016.

Forty-two grave spaces were sold in 2013, and there were 86 interments, bringing the number of burials to 17,524 since the 1883 organization of the cemetery.

The general endowment gifts as of Dec. 31, 2013, total $154,198, with specific endowments of $137,800. Both are stated at cost, with the fair market value of investment funds held in the combined capital account, to be used for perpetual care, standing at $1,201,251, as of Dec. 31, 2013.

Tops 2231

WELLSVILLE – Tops 2231 met June 17 at First Christian Church.

Lisa Ceneviva led the meeting with Kops and Tops pledges.

Mary Wolf and Verla Betteridge gave the weight report.

Mona Douglas and Linda Waggoner tied for the Inch Worm for month of May.

Dimes was held over.

Ice cream and cookies are the no no for the week.

Douglas won the 50-50.

Cassey Stephens won the calorie charts and received a $1.

The meeting ended with the Lord’s Prayer and prayer requests.