Village council considers ordinance on farm animals

SALINEVILLE-A complaint from a village resident regarding farm animals inside village limits sparked a broader discussion of village ordinances pertaining to the issue.

Church Street resident Roberta Kellogg addressed council members Monday about the ongoing issues she has had with her neighbor’s horses. She said odors and flies from the animals make living next door uncomfortable. She said the village police department’s efforts to make her neighbor comply with ordinances regarding farm animals has resulted in little improvement of the situation.

“Everybody in this town is trying to clean it up and make it nice, and if this is allowed to happen, you’re going to have the same thing in the center of town that you have at the lower end of town,” said Kellogg, refering to her neighbor’s horses.

Several council members commented that the village police department had responded to Kellogg’s complaints in the past and made her neighbor comply with existing village ordinances.

“We have an ordinance and they’re abiding by it,” said Councilman John Higgins, adding that there is not much more council can do.

Higgins noted that Kellogg’s neighbors recently installed a fence, and that they are currently in compliance with village code. He also said the neighbor is well aware of the ordinance, having received a copy at the time of the complaint.

The current village ordinance regarding farm animals states that farm animals must be kept a minimum of 100 feet away from any dwelling, according to village Solicitor Andy Beech.

“I think we need to meet and change the ordinance so that there will be no more of it,” said council president Sally Keating. “Anything that’s here now, OK, but, nothing else.”

Keating suggested the ordinance be revised to increase the required distance that farm animals must be kept from neighboring dwellings. Other council members suggested any new ordinance include a grandfather clause allowing those who already have animals to keep them.

For now, council took no action on the matter, opting to explore the issue at a later time.