Fire department rescues kitten from furnace

GLENMOOR – A stray kitten rescued from a furnace Tuesday night will be looking for a new home as soon as it heals from minor injuries received in the mishap.

Glenmoor Fire Department responded to a home on Lincoln Street where the kitten had apparently entered through the furnace vent on the roof in an effort to get warm, falling into the furnace blower.

Firefighters were able to disassemble the furnace and remove the kitten, which suffered singed ears and burned paws.

Fire Chief Matt Smith brought a box in which to place the kitten, which was taken to North Star Critical Care ambulance, where a paramedic and fire Lt. Ernie Wiseman checked it over.

The kitten was taken back to the fire station and washed, with assistant Chief Bill Bennett providing it some food and kitty litter so it could stay the night.

On Wednesday morning, firefighter Andrew Bayless was on his way to the Community Animal Clinic with the kitten when he was diverted by a fire call at Walmart.

“It was probably the first and only emergency response from a cat,” Bayless laughed.

A spokesman at the Community Animal Clinic said the kitten is expected to recover and will be taken today to the Hancock County Animal Shelter in West Virginia where it will likely be placed up for adoption.