Friends and Family Feb. 8

Tops 1390

EAST LIVERPOOL – TOPS 1390 met on Jan. 22. Dee Kiger gave the TOPS and KOPS pledges at the First Free Methodist Church on St. Clair Ave.

Week best loser was Arlene Shuman with runner-ups, Marguerite Nedreburg and Debbie Ice.

The no-no is cookies.

Drawings: Dimes, Linda Sirianni; 50/50, Mildred Elliot, $5.50.

Check Contest, Nedreburg won $10.

Best loser back with a lose was Nedreburg.

Birthdays were Dela Goldsmith and Vesta Ferlaino.

Anniversaries, Donna McCoy.

Special Day, Nedreburg.

Program, Kiger did a skit.

Misc., Team Contest No. 1, 71 points; No. 2, 74 points.

Tops Ohio 1341

EAST LIVERPOOL – Tops Ohio 1341 met Feb. 4 at the Glenmoor Presbyterian Church with leader Judy McComas presiding. McComas was best loser and Jean Dinch was runner up.

The January monthly best losers were announced, Dinch was best loser and Dee Mattern and Darla Varney were runners up. Winners of the weekly drawings were weight loss and calorie chart, Dinch; junk foods, Margaret Jackman and 50-50, Janice Hutchin.

The secretary’s and treasurer’s reports were read and approved. Losing three weeks in a row were Hutchin and Sally Nicholson. Hutchin also holds the travel box. McComas reminded members of the election of officers on March 4.

The awards dinner will be held on March 18 and the installation of officers on March 25. The meeting closed with the Lord’s Prayer.