Friends and Family Feb. 12

EL Area Seniors

EAST LIVERPOOL – Feb. 7th. The East Liverpool Area Seniors held a meeting with 21 members present. President June Mullen opened the meeting and called on Beverly Bolton for scripture reading. “The Lord’s Prayer”, salute to our flag and the singing of “America” followed.

Secretary JoAnn Fickes checked the attendance of officers and read the minutes of the Jan. 31st. meeting. Treasurer Gail Grimm made the weekly accounting of club funds and stated two checks were written but no bills were submitted this past week. President Mullen stated they will be filed for audit.

Club Supervisor Mary Lou Archaragi informed us she has planned a pizza party for us next week. Harriet Slagle has kindly volunteered to bring salad. It should be a fun Valentine’s Day.

A lovely bouquet of fuchsia colored carnations was won by Lois Burris. The lucky recipient of the 50/50 was Margaret Murphy. Harriet Slagle celebrated a birthday this week. Members all sang “Every body Has A Birthday”, and wished her many more.

Pat Brown, our 102 young lady led us into story time by reciting poetry. This was followed with funny stories by Ruth Wynn, Slagle, and Grimm. President Mullen brought story time to a close with a story about getting old.

Motion to close was made by Thelma Hupp and Margaret Brown. Members all sang “The Evening Prayer” and a prayer of hope and thanks was asked for by Beverly Bolton. Bingo and games followed.

New Century Club

EAST LIVERPOOL – The January meeting of the New Century Club was called to order by President Rosemary Mackall. She thanked hostess Mary Fricano for opening her home for the meeting. The 10 members present feasted on a delightful luncheon of layered sandwich loaf, gelatin salad and a delicious angel food dessert provided by Fricano and co-hostess Mackall. Chocolate candies and mixed nuts supplemented the lunch.

Mackall presented a summation of the December meeting in lieu of having minutes due to the absence of Secretary Janet Groubert. The members welcomed visitor Virginia Welner to the meeting. The treasurer’s report was given and it was decided that several members were to be remembered with greeting cards.

Jane Austin was the subject of the January program presented by Marsha VonLudmann.

Austin lived in the regency period of English history between 1775 and 1817. In her lifetime, she had 4 novels published, all anonymously. Her first novel was Sense and Sensibility, her second and most well known Pride & Prejudice, third was Mansfield Park and lastly Emma. Northanger Abbey and Persuasion were published after her death at age 41, and at that time it was revealed that she was the author of all 6 books. Though Jane Austin never married, the primary theme which ran through all of her books involved a heroin falling in love and marrying her one true love. Although there was very little mystery to the reader as to how Austin’s books would end, Jane Austin’s talent in character development, dialogue and providing the reader insight into the traditions and culture of the time always provided an enchanting read. Although she earned less than L700 in her lifetime, her books continue to be well known, loved, read and published into this 21st century.

Possible topics for the 2013-14 club year were presented by member Eldena Gearhart of the program committee. A vote was taken and the topic “History of the Area” was chosen for the next club year.

The Nominating Committee consisting of Fricano, Beverly Smith and Marsha VonLudmann will work on finding candidates for the offices for the next club year before the February meeting.