Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Nathan and Jodi Dickey to Sam and Courtney Martucci, home and 2.4 acres on Hartley Road; $245,000.

Center Township

Ross and Patricia Arnfield to MCTAG LLC, 2 acres on Industrial Park Road; $250,000.

Elaine Rose to David and Annette Norris, 8.2 acres on state Route 164; $66,248.


Mike Strong to Kevin and Kara Alesi, home on Blueberry Drive; $219,000.

Thomas Carroll and Cheryl Snyder to Zach and Emily Dorn, home on Union Street; $90,000.

Danny and Carolyn Benedict to Dianne Long, home on West Woodland Avenue; $115,000.

Dale Schmidt, et al, to Gerald and Marsha Baker, home on Timberline Drive; $175,000.

Dustin Wilms to Thomas Rambo, home on West Salem Street; $90,000.

East Liverpool

Dennis Barker to Jonathan Yoho, home on First Avenue; $1,000.

Thomas and Beverly Brophey to Lance and Stephanie Dawson, home and 1.1 acres on Park Way; $187,000.

Charles Blasdel II to Andrew Kidd and Anna Hoobler, home on Elysian Way; $124,000.

Betsy and Joseph Wells III to Gina Daye, home on Park Way; $257,000.

Colonial Impact Fund II to David Schreffler, home at 822 Riverview Avenue; $8,900.

John Hale to James Casto, home on Ravine Street; $20,000.

East Palestine

Traci Thompson to Chad and Jessica Conrad, home on Alice Street; $69,900.

M. Jean Clapsadle to Jerry Herbert, home on Brookdale Avenue; $140,000.

Elkrun Township

Donna Weyand to Jessica McDade, home on Riffle Road; $114,300.

Michael Madison to Kenneth and Anna McSherry, home on state Route 154; $53,000.

Hanover Township

Mark and Tami Baird to No Sweat Investments, home on Wooddale Drive; $100,000.

Mike Balash and Richard Pentello to Amanda and Richard Thompson Jr., home on Parkview Drive; $104,500.

Randolph Strader to Thomas Horsfall, home and 3.1 acres on Gavers Road; $20,000.

Knox Township

Twila Gednetz to Jeremy Henry, residential vacant land on Lakeside Drive; $7,100.

Randall and Jodith Bell to Tod Bevilacqua, home on South Mahoning Avenue; $136,500.

Brad and Christine Wilson to Franklin and Miriam Sanor, home on North Street; $40,300.

Maendel Family Revocable Trust to Carnation Auto Group LLC of North Benton, used car dealership and 6.4 acres on U.S. Route 62; $200,000.


Heather Long to Stephanie Crago, home on East Lincoln Way; $102,000.

Liverpool Township

Janet Munoz to Andrew Reese and Kristine Thompson, home on Fisher Avenue; $85,000.

Madison Township

Matthew and Jennifer Roberts to Nathan and Jennifer Howe, 9.6 acres on Bear Hollow Road; $44,000.

Perry Township

Carl and Linda Peterson to Dawn Yauger, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $154,500.

Sheryl Denton to Mary Weingart, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $135,000.

Christopher Harrison to Aaron Brandonisio, home on West Pidgeon Road; $96,000.


M & M Homes to Robert and Mindy Hiltbrand. home on Edgewood Drive; $199,000.

Robert and Mindy Hiltbrand to Bryan Russell, home on East State Street; $155,000.

Edward Mitchell to Dale and Lisa Cramer, home on North Ellsworth Avenue; $17,000.

Joseph Armeni to Mary Adams, home on Summit Street; $103,000.

Youngstown Revitalization Ltd. to Melvin Industries LLC, commercial property (former podiatrist office) on Southeast Boulevard; $134,000.

Chemical Bank to Piers and Frances Digby, home at 1787 Pearce Circle; $200,000.

Salem Township

Mary Bontempt to Donald and Nancy Beatty, home and 7.6 acres on Crestview Road; $255,000.

Debra and Mark Keller to Dennis Rosko, home and 6.6 acres on Crestview Road; $135,000.

St. Clair Township

Ken and Martha Vincent to James Schweichler, manufactured home and 1 acre on Annesley Road; $79,500.

Anthony Yanni Irrevocable Trust to Justin Brown, home on Hollywood Drive; $150,000.

Unity Township

Connie Goppert to David and Marianne Burgess, home on Hisey Road; $67,900.

Tracey Seddon to Candi and David Smith Jr., home on Timber Run Street; $170,000.

Juliette Braden, etc, to Juliette Braden, partial interest in property on Millrock Road; $200.

Juliette Braden, etc, to John and Lori Reiser, home and 10 acres on Millrock Road; $120,000.


Linda and Jackie Durham to Renee Jackson, home on West Main Street; $25,000.


Paul and Christine Bost to Brenda Chenault, home on Main Street; $42,000.

West Township

Jean Shephard to Jeremy Lucas, manufactured home and 1.1 acre on Walker Road; $90,000.

Homeworth Industries to Bryan Kuntzman, home and 2.6 acres on Lowmiller Road; $85,000.

Grace Lutz estate to Tiffany Whitmer, home on Mayfair Avenue; $119,500.

Yellow Creek Township

William and Kris Baker to Alyssa Lockhart, home on Frischkorn Drive; $92,500.