Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Joseph Evulsta to Gina Truxall, home on Country Club Drive; $30,000.

John Derry to Miller Real Estate II, home on U.S. Route 62; $39,141.

Frederick and Marsha Roth to Nicholas Mlinarcik, home on King Road; $122,000.

Center Township

Christopher and Timi Perry to Mark Liber, home on Steubenville Pike; $235,000.

Joseph Mong to Shanda Mellinger, home on state Route 45; $83,500.

Beau Smith to Justin and Hannah Harsh, 16 acres on Lisbon-Dungannon Road; $30,000.


Jennifer and Brian Saddler to Heidi Trost, condominium on Prestwick Court; $315,000.

Victoria Kataro to Matt and Britanee Pickens, home on North Elm Street; $145,500.

Corey and Abby Hill to Nickolaus Norton, home on South Cross Street; $107,900.

East Liverpool

Helman Home Renovations to Paul and Petina Williams, home at 1730 Etruria St.; $10,000.

Lita Hutchison to Joe Wines Real Estate, home on Anderson Boulevard; $21,900.

County Mental Health Center to Craig and Carey Stowers, home on Bradshaw Avenue; $6,000.

Ethelle Riggs to James Cianni, home on Lincoln Avenue; $38,000.

East Palestine

Alvin and Janice Paukstat to Curtis Veiock, home on Alice Street; $83,464.

Fairfield Township

Carol Mecure, trustee, to James and Beth Chestnut, 10 acres on state Route 7; $48,800.

Robert Vaughn, trustee, to Cody Plaskett, home on state Route 164; $94,000.

Franklin Township

Hancock County Savings Bank to Andrew Dunlap, home and 5 acres at 16608 Emerick Road; $230,000.


Bill Burns trust to Ryan and Rebecca Zeisler, 0.2 acres on state Route 9; $3,500.

Knox Township

Albert and Ada Coblentz to Bruce and Lisa Koehn, home on Bowman Road; $72,500.

Gregory and Angela Robb to David and Robyn Meditz, home on Bon Avenue; $173,400.


John and Leah Nicoara to William Jackson Jr., home on South Jefferson Steet; $45,000.

Liverpool Township

David and Nancy Deyarmon, trustees, to Leah and Richard Prescott Jr., home on Windsor Drive; $157,500.

Madison Township

Frank Ketchum to David and Cherity Springer, home and 2.9 acres on Y&O Road; $77,000.

Middleton Township

Patrick and Nancy Maurer to Carolyn and Scott Ramsey, home on Iroquois Trail; $335,000.


Elizabeth Hargreaves to Corbin Detwiler, home on Walnut Street; $10,000.

Perry Township

Robert and Pam Birtalan, trustees, to Frederick Rumsey Jr., home on Van Buren Ave.; $65,000.

Pierre Parfaite to Todd and Melinda Boyle, home on Chestnut Grove Road; $34,000.

Kennie Croskey to Mike and Tracy McCreary, home on Southridge Drive; $156,000.

Carl Eucker to Union Properties, home on Buckeye Circle; $61,000.


Nathan and Penny Maley to Elizabeth Dorn, home on Homewood Avenue; $94,500.

Tom and Charity Moran to Amy Stokes, home on Southeast Boulevard; $79,900.

Rosemary Maxcy to Ryan Wilson, home on Barclay Avenue; $108,000.

Mike and Tracy McCreary to Sean and Elizabeth Kapp, home on West Eighth Street; $128,500.

Ritchie & Associates to SDM Enterprises, commercial property (Harris & Co.) on Salem Parkway; $350,000.

Debra Gallo to Matt and Melissa Kuttler, home on East Fourth Street; $96,000.

Carol Thomas, et al, to Alvin and Janice Paukstat, home on Carole Drive; $98,000.

Marilyn Dixon to Abdulia Roa, home on West Pershing Street; $4,000.

St. Clair Township

James Casto to E & E Susany Ltd., mineral rights only to property on Cannons Mill Road; $38,237.

Barbara Ortega to Mike and Cassandra Derito, home on Old Fredericktown Road; $110,000.

Unity Township

Ralph and Beverly Coblentz to Glen Foster II, home on Rauch Road; $87,100.

Ralph Coblentz to John and Glen Foster II, farm property on Rauch Road; $462,900.

Kathy Laughlin to Mark and Linda DeMarco, home on Meadow Ridge Lane; $194,000.

Wayne Township

Petersburg Co. to Patrick and Pebbles Roelen, 5 acres on Dobson Mill Road; $45,000.

Carrie Catlett to Patrick and Pebbles Roelen, farm buildings and 10.4 acres on Dobson Mill Road; $107,908.