Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Dick and Sherry Demary to Arla and Sara Firmstone, home and 1.2 acres on Carey Road; $155,000.

Center Township

Warner Hale to Amanda Zoldak, 20 acres on Beacon Light Road; $250,000.

Lenn Conkle to Steven and Wendy Meek, 6.1 acres on Miller Road; $28,000.


Bruce and Leslie Bartels to Karl and Michelle Rothacker, home on Royal Birkdale Drive; $380,000.

Eric Heasley to James and Victoria Bettura, home on Old North Street; $165,000.

Ryan Gallagher to Terry and Debra Smith, home on East Duquesne Street; $49,500.

Richard Clark to Kimberly Sharshan, home on Lisbon Street; $88,000.

Lee and Christine Davis to Jared Channell, home on Court Street; $86,000.

East Liverpool

Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church to Kristopher Rayl, home on Church Alley; $5,000.

Lillian Barker, trustee, to Eric Wilson, home on Seventh Street; $57,000.

Nancy Debee to Trademark Advantage, home on West Fourth Street; $15,000.

Helen Pack to Trademark Advantage, home on Ambrose Avenue; $7,500.

Willie Murphy and Tina Mann to Tina Mann, home on First Avenue; $7,100.

Robert and Lori Ludwig to Heidi Lyle, home on Ephriam Street; $6,000.

Janis Morrell to Robert Davis, home on Ohio Avenue; $25,000.

Karen Steigerwald to Jack Gloeckner and Frank McKenzie Jr., home on Ravine Street; $1,500.

East Palestine

Paul Cope to Jack and Karen Smith, 0.5 acre on Concord Drive; $17,000.

Fairfield Township

Gayle Buhecker to Richard and Judith Fisher, home on Appleway Drive; $20,000.

Penny and Thomas Poplar to Rula Khreis and Jamil Wekhian, home and 2.5 acres on Kings Court; $440,000.

Franklin Township

County Sheriff (Visio Financial Services) to VFS Lending JV, home on Jackson Street, Kensington; $8,929.


William Baker, et al, to Melissa Sandoe, home on East High Street; $79,000.

Timothy Leverknight to Jeremy and Sarah Lindeman, home on Park Street; $44,900.

William and Lorrie Barnes to Brandon Barnes, home on Pearl Street; $65,500.

Liverpool Township

Marie Pike to Kenneth and Tonya Pittman, home on Lantern Street; $184,900.

John and Shana Lawrence to Maw Maws Mini Storage, storage units on Spruce Avenue; $67,000.


JP Morgan Chase Bank to Courtney and Justin McCoy, home at 116 Green St.; $46,000.

Madison Township

Wilda Russell to Bank of America, home on Yeager Drive (foreclosure); $50,000.

Middleton Township

Bayview Loan Servicing to Ryan Kenney and Taylor Stanyard, house trailer at 7017 Bye Road; $15,000.

Mary Wilkinson to Rebecca Hutchman, home on Tomahawk Drive; $96,000.

Perry Township

Bruce and Deanna Close to Matt Close, home on Allen Road; $160,000.


Karl Schrom and Shelby Perry to Stephen and Sarah Hodgson, home on Highland Avenue; $160,000.

Cape Fear Investments to Kelli Miller, home on East 10th Street; $165,000.

Cathy Price to Franklin and Virginia Gall, home on Fair Avenue; $90,000.

Robert and Lori Dustman to Scott Ellis, home on Fair Avenue; $114,500.

Charles Esenwein to Donna Shasteen, home on East Seventh Street; $46,300.

Arthur and Kathleen Schuster to YSB Real Estate, commercial property (Schuster Construction) on Benton Road; $183,500.

Linden Avenue to Gilbert Arnold Family Trust, commercial property (new Dollar General store) at 1000 W. State St.; $1.3 million.

Jason and Cheryl Knauf to Huntington National Bank, home on East Eighth Street; $60,000.

Salem Township

William Dinsio Jr., et al, to Jeffrey and Davine Sickle, home on South Egypt Road; $139,000.

St. Clair Township

Sondra Mathia and Julie Artman to Caryle and Jean Buck, home on Turkana Drive; $175,000.

David Wilkinson and Janna Cable to Charles Lang and Rebecca Tarbert, home on Sunset Drive; $240,000.

Rebecca Ballerstein to Kimberly Miller, home on Ridgeview Drive; $162,000.

Larry and Betty Davis to Prestige Properties of East Liverpool, home on Stagecoach Road; $19,000.

Garth and Angela Wilcox to Joseph and Amanda Shive, home on Hickman Road; $270,000.

Jane Rudibaugh to Venture Home Real Estate, home on Eagle Drive; $120,000.

Unity Township

Bank of New York to Willie Cantrell, home on Unity Line Road; $81,000.


Cristopher McNicol to Nancy Gill, 0.2 acre on Mill Alley; $3,500.

West Township

Cora and Ralph Sharp III to Cody Lautzenheiser, et al, home on Lion Lane; $325,000.

Yellow Creek Township

Jill Bergles to Heidi and Larry Archer, manufactured home on 18th Street Heights, $20,000.

Robert Siers and Barbara Bucher to John Zoellers, home on Mick Road; $16,500.