Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Hidden Creek of Route 62 to Larry and Kathryn Murphy, 1.7 acres on Woodsend Drive; $36,400.

Earl and Jacquelyn Eshelman Family Trust to Susan Rockwell Trust, home on Tower Road; $115,000.

Center Township

Jason and Amy Frantz to Geoffrey and Patty Giambrone, home and 2.8 acres on Lisbon Road; $122,000.

Cynthia Warrington to Malakia Hilton, home on Sue Drive; $62,700.


Christopher Sheffield to Nancy Lanza, home on South Elm Street; $108,500

Jomeless Inc. to BHP Rentals, 5 acres of vacant industrial property at 42082 state Route 344: $515,000.

David and Frances Baehler to Rebecca Morjock, home on Ray Avenue; $143,000.

East Liverpool

Wallover Enterprises to Alignserv Properties, commercial property on Mulberry Street; $240,000.

Brenda Williams to Coty Kapp, home on Sanford Avenue; $60,000.

Bank of New York to CR 2018 LLC, home at 1460 Ceramic St.; $12,920.

Frederick Hoback to Cody Anderson, home on Sunnyside Avenue; $46,000.

East Palestine

Gordon and Rosemary Clifford to Justin Brinkley, home on East Main Street; $97,350.

Village of East Palestine to James and Cheryl Mattern, 0.3 acres on Hillside Drive; $13,400.

Fairfield Township

Carol Mecure, trustee, to Dennis and Tess Kyser, 26 acres on state Route 7; $75,000.

David Powell and Jane Yoder to Travis and Amy Blakeman, home and 2.3 acres on state Route 164; $126,500.

Knox Township

Robin Reed to Melanie Broyles, home and 2 acres on Winona Road; $120,000.

Ocean Realty to Eric Marsili, commercial property at 128 Homeworth Road; $80,000.


Mike Cross estate to Jerry Hanna Jr., home on Main Street; $7,500.


Huntington National Bank to Strong Family Investments, home at 112 McKinley St.; $19,000.

Madison Township

Jody Orgovan to Zachary and Lindsey Smith, home on Osbourne Road; $146,500.

Perry Township

James and Terri Klemann to Jason Cole, home and 2.2 acres on Cunningham Road; $218,000.


Meta Culler to DDR Rentals, home on Jennings Avenue; $3,000.

Oscar Budde, trustee, to Linda Aughinbaugh, home on Southeast Boulevard; $125,000.

Cathleen Melitschka to Nicholas and Lisa Schnader, home on Morgan Court; $178,000.

Robert and Debra Caldwell to Jeremy and Dawn Anderson, home on Cleveland Street; $85,000.

Carolyn Jernigan to Mitchell McGuire, home on West Wilson Street; $15,000.

Salem Township

Charles Beiling to Lincoln Real Estate Holdings, 15 acres on state Route 45; $50,000.

St. Clair Township

County Sheriff (Mary and Robert Schettler) to Terry and Cassie Myers, property on Dale Street; $15,000.

Lisa Schimel to Christina Fidurski, home on state Route 170; $113,750.

Audrey Wamsley to Alan and Teresa Ammon, home on Trotter Road; $152,000.

Washington Township

Tammac Holdings Corp. to Cassandra Mechling, home and 2 acres on state Route 39; $10,000.

Wayne Township

Pamela Johnson to Dona and Taylor Williams, home and 3.7 acres on Hull Road; $85,000.

Craig Godwin estate to JP Ohio Real Estate, 2 acres on Alderlick Road; $15,000.


Broderick Family Trust to Williamson Group Inc., home at 1030 Main St.; $64,000.

Paul Wright Jr. to Rivercamp Properties, home on Chester Avenue; $35,000.

Kimberly Rawson to Kenneth Rawson, home on Eighteenth Street; $41,100.

West Township

Justin and Dawn Fowler to Judy Henderhan, home on Rochester Road; $80,500.

Yellow Creek Township

Key Bank to Angela Miller, home and 2 acres at 1244 state Route 45; $20,750.