Columbiana County Property Transfers


David Mundy Family Trust to Brian and Jena Gustafason, home on Terra Verde Avenue; $250,000.

Ciardi Co. to Deborah Caruso, home at 129 Hawkins Lane; $220,000.

Adrieene Parish to Christina Andrews, home on South Main Street; $30,000.

East Palestine

Marlene Palo to Melissa and Jonathan Palo, home on Bacon Avenue; gift.

Franklin Township

Cindy Pitts to Jack and Paul McIntosh, property on Foundry Hill Road; $8,000.


New HOL Properties to Maryea Steves, home at 113 Pine St.; $51,100.

Knox Township

Robert and Lena Conner to JP Morgan Chase Bank (foreclosure), home on Buck Road; $60,000.

Liverpool Township

U.S. Bank National Association to Isaac Ott, home and 2.1 acres at 1210 Dairy Lane; $145,000.

J. Anderson Homes to Joshua Lewis, home on Harding Avenue; $130,000.

Justin McGeehan to Brian Deem, home on Harding Avenue; $139,000.

Madison Township

Patricia Grimm to Gary and Karen Mitchell, property on Johnson Road; $10,900.

Middleton Township

Connie Royal to Jeffrey and Jamie Meek, home and 34 acres on Fredericktown-Clarkson Road; $185,000.

Zima Roofing to Thomas and Lynne Reed, property on Shoshone Trail; $15,500.

Perry Township

Steven Bailey and Angela Bailey to Tim Kenreigh, et al, home on Shamrock Arbor; $330,000.

Frederick and Judith Wolken to Kyle and Susan Gainor, home on East 11th Street; $111,000.

Martin and Martha Ciminelli to Anthony Cappa and Taylor Zamarelli, home on Cunningham Road; $186,250.

Thomas and Carol Patterson to Todd and Elizabeth Duvall, condominium on Pembrooke Drive; $52,700.

Anthony Maroni, et al, to John and Martha Sowash, condominium on Pembrooke Drive; $72,900.


James Stockman to Nicholas and Jenna Drayer, home on Summit Street; $123,000.

Twila Lora to Bradley and Marianna Schumel, home on South Avenue; $36,500.

County Sheriff (Shirley Catlos) to Jeff Barton, home on Oak Street; $58,000.

County Sheriff (Rebecca Soules) to Wells Fargo Bank, home on East Fifth Street; $28,000.

Mary Safreed to Jerrica Carl, home on West Pershing Street; $15,000.

Salem Township

Deborah and Henry Loudon Jr. to James and Betty Meyers, home on Shining Tree Lane; $284,000.

Eugene and Norma Schrock to Dominic Cesarz, et al, home and 7.7 acres Leetonia Road; $220,000.

St. Clair Township

James Mick to Thomas Price, et al, home on Maple Drive; $85,000.

Unity Township

County Sheriff (James and Patricia Guy) to Donald Stowe, home on state Route 14: $31,000.

Wayne Township

Petersburg Coal Co. to Rodney and Anne Catlett, 11 acres on Dobson Mill Road; $40,000.


M Sidote Capital to Christopher and Judy McNicol, home on Roslyn Avenue; $49,000.

Christopher and Judy McNicol to Nathan and Amber Rowand, home on Roslyn Avenue; $89,900.

Judy Buzzard to Earl and Rosa St. George, mobile home park on Broadway Street; $35,000.

Hazel Sell to Kenneth Sayre, home on Washington Avenue; $32,000.

West Township

Philip Dulaney to Whiteleather Properties, home on Main Street; $30,082.

Yellow Creek Township

Marguerite Amato, et al, to Marguerite Amato, home on Hillcrest Road; $53,150.