Columbiana County Property Transfers

Butler Township

Biery Family Trust to J & A Apartments LLC, gas station on U.S. Route 62; $184,000.

Barbara Bailey to Seth Sharp, home and 13.5 acres on U.S. Route 62; $57,750.

Marjorie Phillips to Seth Sharp, 13.5 acres on U.S. Route 62: $92,364.

Center Township

Cody Anderson to Tony and Molly Barrett, home on Lisbon Road; $92,800.


Beverly Sposato to Justina Channell, home on North Vine Street; $130,000.

East Liverpool

County Sheriff (Jennifer Newlun) to Bayview Loan Servicing, home on Riley Avenue; $12,000.

County Sheriff (John and Nancy Jeffries) to Northern Hancock Bank & Trust, home on Erie Street; $5,000.

Barbara Mitcheson to John Diddle and Larry Gibson, property on Dresden Avenue; $500

Florence Myers to Max Smith, home on Avondale Street; $3,000.

Richard Brookes to Raymond Wooten, et al, home on Pope Street; $13,000.

Barbara Mitcheson to John and Larry Gibson, property on Rural Lane; $500.

American Built Custom Pallets & Skids to Rivercamp Properties, partial interest in home at 422 Gardendale St.; $17,100.

Elkrun Township

Willis Wining to Robert and Alisha Auer, home and 88 acres on Pine Hollow Road; $270,000.

Liverpool Township

Jack Ketchum and Kerri Fischer to Joseph Niquiporo Jr., et al, home and 2.7 acres on Stagecoach Road; $190,000.

Nancy Ash and John D. Gauron to Judith Hager, home on Queens Way; $101,500.

Madison Township

Grier Family Trust to Franklin Grier, home on state Route 45; $77,100.

Perry Township

Dorothy Baer to Cynthia Gideon, condominium on South Lincoln Avenue; $112,000.


James and Lorrie Armeni to James Armeni Jr., home on Merle Road; $165,000.

Justin Rance to Kimberly Davis, home on Brooklyn Avenue; $83,500.

Ted Thorne to Wanda Bolen, home on Merle Road; $125,900.

Brougham REO Owner II to Jeff Kaufman, home on East Perry Street; $16,910.

Patricia Bush to Charlotte Vollnogle, property on East State Street; $25,000.

Salem Township

Clara Recinella to Toni Judy, 4.9 acres on Depot Road; $12,500.

Washington Township

Ruth Cronin and Debra Tucker to Eloise and Edward Summers, home on Haiti Road; $11,000.


GEMA Properties to Kevin and Connie Sharer, home at 285 Union St.; $59,900.

West Township

Joseph Kondziela to 7724 Detroit LLC, home on Common Street; $25,000.

Yellow Creek Township

County Sheriff (Donna Thrasher) to Mike and Sherry Kazee, home and 6 acres on Hibbetts Mill Road; $22,100.